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Shandy Zhang

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of FOOD

After World War I, World War II and cold war all these stressful years to America, 1950 was really the shifting year that began everything new: the economic starts booming and people starts buying more things than they needed. Food in these changing years also had its own revolution.
TV dinner&Convenient food
Nutrition goals:

Eat whatever things you wanted, which they give you the best health and vitality.
: You get top-rated protein from the
animals sources such as meat, egg, milk,
: Iron is essential for people's body. We
can also get iron from animals sources.
Vitamin A:
Vitamin A helps to protect bacteria get into human's body and against infection. A good source to get vitamin A is also through animal
Vitamin D:
egg yolk, butter, tuna are the
best way of getting Vitamin D
Fats and oil:
Always use fat as needed when you are cooking, also add butter, bacon, salad oil...
The first McDonald was opened in 1940 by Brother's Dick and Maurice McDonald which located in Route 66 in San Bernardio, California. At that time, they offered 25 different kinds of food by the carhops, in this way, it especially attracted young people who was able to drive a car. They can simply drive to the carhops, placed the order and severed food on trays.
After a few months of managing the restaurant, the brothers discovered that the most popular food overall was hamburger. They get a sense that people came to by these food usually were interested in eating quickly. So they closed the restaurant and created a system called "Seepdee system service." They also changed the menu to mainly focus on hamburger, french fries and milkshake. Also, the burgers were sold for 15 cents each which is half of price for the cost of a regular dinner burger.
With a huge success of the brother's first McDonald, they franchised it outside and had eight restaurant in total by early 1950s.
By 1958, the company had sold 100 millionth hamburger all over the country.

New restaurants
Burger King
After when James McLamore and David Edgerton visited McDonald, they saw the fast food as a potential growth. So they followed it and opened their first restaurant in 1954 in a suburb of Miami, Florida.
Dunkin' Donuts
The first Dunkin' Donuts was founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts. But even before that, in 1948, William Roseberg opened his first restaurant in 1948 named Kettle Donuts. After 2 years in 1950, he officially changed the name to Dukin' donuts. William Rosenberg was originally worked n a food factory and construction site, where doughnuts and coffee were the two most popular food. And this idea let him to found his own restaurant and get a huge success through it. In 1959, the company began to grow and joined the International Franchise Association.
Taco Bell
Tacos Bell was founded by Glem Bell, As the growth of fast food restaurant, he originally opened a hot dog stand called Bell's Drive-In in San Bernardno in 1946. However, his business didn't go as well as he expected. Across the street, he had always saw a long time of customers at a Mexican restaurant He suddenly realized Mexican food also attracted a huge amount of costumers especially the shelled tacos at this time. So he started to eat in that restaurant regularly and attempte to get the recipe of making food. In late 952, he took what he had learned and opened a new stand and sold tacos under Taco-Tia. Later on in 1962, he officially opened his first restaurant Tacos Bell.
Other new&popular products
50s Food Postwar America
A TV dinner is a frozen meal packaged in a tray that looks similar to the airline food service. It usually contained a cut of meat with vegetable and dessert inside. In 1954, Swanson introduced the first TV dinner to the whole America: a thanksgiving dinner contained mashed potatoes, peas, turkey and cornbread as dessert. The named of TV dinner came from the shape of the tray that the food were served on which was resembled to the shape of TV. Also, as TV became a popular trend at that period, families usually watched TV while they were eating these food. So it had the name of "TV dinner" instead of "frozen food".Swanson initially thought they could sell this new product about 5000 at the first year, however, the numbers ended up at 10 millions at the end which was far out of his expectation.

The numbers of TV dinner were sold out show the desire of American for these kind of convenient food especially for the women who had to cook everyday at home. Compare with the regular dinner that took a lot of time for cooking, people can easily finish the everything within 20 minutes by using the TV dinner. This gave women more free time to pursue their jobs as well as other activities and at the same time providing food for their family.
Because the food was freezing all the time, it definitely didn't taste as good as the dinner that was regularly made. In addition, there were much more extra salt and fat in the TV dinner and less nutrients than the fresh food which could be harmful for people's body for eating it everyday.
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In the 1950, the cereal company started
their cereal product marketing on children. Because television had became more and more popular, people could use TV advertisement to sells these products, especially these sugary cereal were interested to children. Also, there were some famous cereal brand created at that time.
Cocoa Puffs(1958)
Frosted Flakes
Sugar Pops
Trix advertisement
Cocoa Puffs advertisement
Corn Pops advertisement
Frosted Flakes Advertisement
A diner type of McDonald
The menu of McDonald's back in 1950s
A family having dinner together in McDonalds
The advertisement made for McDonalds
First Dunkin Donuts in 1950
First Burger King in 1954
First Taco Bell
The logo back at that time
Logo of Dunkin' Donuts
The first Taco Tia started before Taco Bell
Fast Food Chain
Started by 1950, as people's pace in there daily life were getting faster with all the work and activities they attended to, fast food had became extremely popular at that time and changed the way how people used to eat food. Before 1950s, women had to cook fresh food each day for 3 meals. As the creation of fast food, it attracted people's attention by its convenience and fordable price
Frozen food
As the refrigerator and television became popular in the middle class, the frozen food was discovered that could be stored in the refrigerator and easily heated up by oven. This also brought people with a lot convenience that women didn't have to cook everyday. This was also known by the "TV dinner"
The "king" of fast food
Most common frozen food
A diner restaurant
The creation of fast food and frozen food also brings people some disadvantages such as too much fat and oil inside which was making people get fatter. However, besides on the fast food, the concept was that people use meat as the most important source of getting proteins and the nutrition their body needed.
Things in a refrigerator in 1950s
Tang is a orange-flavored powder that can be dissolved once it mixed with water. This product was a innovated beverage at that time that could provide people extra Vitamin-C. Think drink was especially flavored by children.
Although coca-cola was founded
before 1950s, the golden time for it was really starting at the 50s. When television became common in people's home which able coca-cola make advertisement on it. This drink was also flavored by children a lot.
The commericial poster of Tang
By 1950s, drinking cocktail and attending coctail parties was popular for adults besides working. These colorful drinks was attarctive for them to have with while eating dinner or have it alone.
Coco-cola poster
cocktail party
Food in the 1950s' prezi
Shandy Zhang
Some classic cocktail
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