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Short Story Prezi : The Happy Man

No description

Nicole Havers

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Short Story Prezi : The Happy Man

by Naguib Mahfouz "The Happy Man" Because the main character has a servant, and that servant's name is Bashir, my guess is that the story is set in India. Within the country, the story is set in the man's home, the meeting hall of the newspaper building where he works, and multiple office's of doctors and specialists. Socio-economically speaking, the man seems to be quite wealthy, because of his important job, and servant. Setting Definition: The plot is how the story's events are arranged to develop the basic idea. It has a logical beginning, middle. and end. Plot Definition: people, or personified objects or animals in the story. Characters "The Happy Man" is a short story that
follows a previously stressed and unhappy man, who has suddenly found himself to be disturbingly happy for no reason. He is, in fact, so happy, that he becomes dismayed about his extreme happiness, and seeks professional help. Definition: A geographical place, time period, socio-economical characteristics, room, building, etc. It can tell readers about the characters, and to set the atmosphere. This story's introduction is when the man wakes up and discovers that he is happy. The inciting moment is when he starts questioning this happiness, seeing it as something unusual. The rising action develops when he talks to his rival at work, and then realized he had no desire to work or compete, things that absorbed his life previously. He becomes frightened by his happiness. The climax occurs when the man realizes that something is very wrong, and decides to seek professional help. The falling action is when the man sees many professionals, and finds a psychiatrist who has had many similar cases recently. The resolution is the man agreeing to see the psychiatrist regularly to treat his happiness, and the denouement is when he collapses in hysterics at the psychiatrist's office at the irony of his condition. The protagonist of "The Happy Man" is "The Man". He is a dynamic character in the sense that before the story, he was a mean, stressed hard-worker, until the story begins and he is only happy. However, during the present events of the story, he is more of a flat character, whose purpose is to show the irony of pure happiness. His servant, "Uncle" Bashir, is also flat; he is the stereotyped spiritual low-status man. The doctors are simply doctors and nothing else, and are therefore also flat. His rival seems the most round out of all of them. He is at first closed off and bitter, but then he opens up to the happy man, and seems to be an analytical intellectual. Definition: The struggle between the two forces of the story. It can be interpersonal (character vs nature, society, or other character), or internal (character vs self). Conflict The conflict in the story is definitely internal. Although the protagonist had interpersonal struggles previous to the story, his current battle is with the happiness within himself. This intense emotion is the real antagonist. Definition : The point of view is the viewpoint of whoever is telling the story. It tells us who/what the narrator is, and how we know what is going on. Point of View The viewpoint of this story is limited omniscient. The narrator sees into the mind of the protagonist, but sees everyone else from a spectator's point of view. Theme Definition: The central idea or message of the story, that can be stated directly, or can be implied. The theme of "The Happy Man" is an ironic one. By showing a man who feels absolutely nothing but happiness, the author communicates that striving for complete happiness in one's life may not be the best thing to do. A complete person must feel all emotions, and experience both good and bad to eventually feel fulfilled. True happiness can be felt only if other emotions are present. Prezi by:
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