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The Young Musicians of CuxAire

The making of an animated film with students from schools in the UK and Germany

Heather Graham

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of The Young Musicians of CuxAire

An Ambitious Idea! Let's make an animated film -
that way we can incorporate a wide range of learning experiences.....

Personal Development The Teams: Musicians/Animation/
Film Crew/Sound Crew/
Set Design PRODUCTION! We needed...INSPIRATION! What about regional Folk Tales? Bring in the professionals... Animator: David Bunting Pre-Production Skype sessions to work on ... Three stories were picked and hundreds of students from both schools voted for their favourite And the winner is... THE MUSICIANS OF BREMEN! Musician: Dave Dunn-Birch Script Writer: Paul Arrowsmith and the community... Plattdeutsch Theatre Group Art Group Headteachers and Staff at both schools The Mayor! Story ideas - for our own 'musicians' story incorporating the history and culture from both locations
The animation styles we wanted to use Pixillation - rotoscoping with Toon Boom!
The script - in German and English
The characters - auditions!
The 'set' design ...with plenty of opportunity for chat and improving language skills! ...and so to Germany ...the story so far oh...and plenty of opportunity for chat and improving language skills! Students Student and Staff
collaboration worked well! Production
Take 2! The return visit... Finishing the film: After school club The Premiere! Oh, and did I mention this, plenty of time for chat and improving language skills! Parents
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