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Abyssinian Crises

No description

Colin Ardizzone

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Abyssinian Crises

Abyssinian Crises of 1935
Italy entering an economic depression.
The war was meant to unite the Italian
Benito Mussolini planned to secure a
territory in North Africa
Abyssinia annexed by Italy.
League of Nations loses credibility.
Failed to aid Abyssinia in their time of need.
Failed to punish Italy properly.
March 1, 1896
Battle of Adowa
Abyssinian troops defeat Italian invasion
Abyssinia maintains independence
Italy is humililated
September 1923
Italy advocates for Abyssinia to join the League of Nations.
They join September 28, 1923.
August 1928
Italo-Abyssinian Treaty of Friendship
Both Italy and Abyssinia signed the Kellog-Briand pact
Denounces war as an international policy
November 1930
Halie Selassie I becomes Ras Tafari of Ethiopia
Italians build a garrison at Wal Wal.
December 1934
Wal-Wal incident
Italians were increasing military presence.
1000 Ethiopian soldiers demand the fort be handed over
On December 5 there was a skirmish, approx. 50 soldiers dead.
October 1935
Italo-Abyssian war, Italian forces invade Abyssinia
Italians capture Adawa.
Italy violated League of Nations by not formally declaring war.
November 1935
Sanctions are instituted by the League of Nations upon Italy.
Embargoes on raw materials and arms. (Oil not included)
Other nations prohibited imports from Italy.
Italy continued their offensive, despite economic depression.
December 1935

Hoare-Laval Pact
Created by British foreign secretary Samuel Hoare and French premier Pierre Laval.
Ethiopia was to give up most of their land for truce.
January 1936
Haile Selassie visits the League of Nations in Geneva
Asks for aid, mentions Italy's use of poison gas.
May 1936
Italians capture Addis Ababa
Ethiopia annexed to Italy
Italy gains ground in East Africa
Map of Abyssinia and Italian invasion plans.

Effects on International Relations
Alliance between the British, French, and Italians have collapsed.
Italy isolated from former allies, moved closer to Nazi Germany.
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