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No description

mel vee

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Relationships:

Characters and Relationships:
Gattaca - Andrew Niccol

Dr. Lamar
- Does all the urine-based genetic verification in Gattaca
- Has a son who admires Vincent's persona as Jerome
- He does nothing to stop Vincent; indeed and he urges him to board his flight: a dream come true for all of them.
- Dr. Lamar becomes aware that Jerome not who he says he is, but never says a thing -
"For future reference, right-handed men don't hold it with their left."

Anton Freeman
- Anton was treated better as a child, than Vincent was
- Anton was genetically superior and was a Valid Status
- Anton carried on the fathers name
- Anton recognizes the invalid as Vincent, but cannot comprehend that Vincent was able to steal another person's identity, an achieve that
- Vincent bet Anton in a game of chicken. Anton couldn't cope with knowing that brother, with an Invalid status, had bet him and then saved his life as well when he was drowning
- Shortly after this, Vincent ran away from home, and hadn't seen each other until Gattaca, when even then he didn't recognize him

Jerome Eugene Morrow
- Valid, deemed genetically perfect.
- Suffered from depression and alcoholism which leads to him
- committing suicide at the end because he has no reason to live anymore.
- all he achieved in is life was a SILVER medal and he would never lived up to his genetic makeup.
- that's why he lived his dreams through Vincent
- by helping Vincent achieve validity, basically draining his identity away and giving Vincent his DNA laddar.
- "
No, no. I got the better end of the deal. I only lent you my body. You lent me your dream."

Irene Cassini
- Valid
- But she was born with a high chance of heart failure.
- This was something common she shared with Vincent - they're both not perfect and even though she was meant to be she wasn't.
- She falls for Vincent (not only because of his personality but also "his" perfect genetic makeup)
- When she finds out the truth she doesn't care she still likes him although she was a little pissed off that he lied.
- "Not quite like the rest of you. 'Unacceptable likelihood of heart failure.' I think that's what the manual says. The only trip I'll take in space is around the sun on this satellite right here."
Vincent Freeman
- Vincent is the younger brother of Anton, who is genetically modified therefore superior
- Vincent is a fate birth and he has a heart condition therefore making him an invalid.
- His dream is to go into space, but his invalid status is preventing him from doing so
- He is willing to go to any length in order to fulfill this dream
- Vincent also has a strained relationship with his father, because his father though of Vincent as not good enough to carry on his name, due to his Invalid status, this name was then given to Anton.
- "It's funny, you work so hard, you do everything you can to get away" from a place, and when you finally get your chance to leave, you find a reason to stay."
- " I'll never understand what possessed my mother to put her faith in God's hands, rather than her local geneticist."
- "I belonged to a new underclass, no longer
determined by social status or the color of your skin. No, we now
have discrimination down to a science."


Jerome and Vincent
Vincent is introduced to Jerome, a man who has perfect chromosomes but is confined to a wheelchair with a broken back.
For a sizable fee, Jerome provides his appearance and "genetic material," mostly bodily fluids, so Vincent can pretend to be Jerome, pass the genetic tests, and enter Gattaca. A borrowed laddar.

Eugene is bitter and twisted. He had deliberately stepped in front of the car to kill himself after he won a silver medal in a swimming race. Vincent is focused and determined to become an astronaut. Though they are very different, as they live together, they grow close. A loyal friendship develops. At the end of the film, Eugene thanks Vincent. He tells him:

'I got the better end of the deal. I only lent you my body - you lent me your dream.'
Vincent and Anton
Vincent has a strained relationship with his brother Anton. This is because Anton knows that he is superior to Vincent, because Vincent is an INVALID and Anton is a VALID.

When Anton sees Vincent for the first time in Gattaca:
Vincent: What are you doing here, Anton?
Anton Freeman: I should ask you that question. I have a right to be
here. You dont.
Vincent: Heh! You almost sound as if you believe that. I committed no
murder. You must be disappointed.
Anton Freeman: Youve committed *fraud*. Listen, youre in a lot of
trouble, Vincent. I can get you out of here...
Vincent: Do you have any idea what it took to get IN here?
Irene and Vincent
- Vincent gets close with others, but he is never close enough to them to stop him from fulfilling his dreams.
- We saw this with Irene, that he loved her, but not enough to stop him from gong to space.
- Irene found out about Vincent's lie of taking Jeromes identity and why he did it. - She accepted Vincent for who he was, looking past his heart defect.

Vincent: [takes Irene's hand and places over his heart] But we do have one thing in common, only I don't have twenty or thirty years left in mine. Mine is already ten thousand beats overdue.
Irene: It's not possible.
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