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how did the american revolution affect the children of the a

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Caroline Shockley

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of how did the american revolution affect the children of the a

How did the American Revolution Affect the Colonist
by: Caroline Shockley
Lauren Murphy
Cameron Morgan
Alexis Betts

How did the American Revolution Affect the Children of the American Revolution ?
How did the American Revolution war affect the children you may ask. The American Revolution tore families apart because of extreme disagreement. For instance, your Father is a patriot wanting to fight for his freedom from the king of England, and your Mom is a loyalist who wants to remain under the rule of the king of England. The disagreements were so bitter that Mothers and Fathers would get divorced or just split up the family. The kids were affected because they did not want to choose one parent over the other.
During the American Revolution lots of women helped in America or England. Most of these women had to be an active role while either their fathers or husbands were fighting in this war.
One of these leading ladies that helped out during the war was Abigail Adams. She constantly wrote letters to her husband reminding him to always "remember the ladies" that means to not forget all of the women who are back at home running their house holds with out their fathers or husbands. If it were not for the dedicated ladies nothing would have gotten done on the home front.

Key events during the American Revolution
Women during the war

ohn Adams and Abigail Adams are two significant figures of the American Revolutionary Era.
Abigail (Smith) Adams (1744-1818), did not have a formal education, but proved to be an extremely resourceful partner to John Adams (they were married in 1764). While he was away on numerous political assignments, she raised their children, managed their farm, and stayed abreast of current events during one of the country's most turbulent times. The many letters she sent to John Adams demonstrate her perceptive comments about the Revolution and contain vivid depictions of the Boston area.

1) Boston massacre: colonist were shot in Boston after taunting British Soldiers

2) Boston tea party: Samuel Adams and Paul Revere led patriots in throwing tea into the Boston Harbor to protest about the tea taxes that they strongly disagreed about

3)First Contential Congress: Delegates from all colonies met to discuss problems with England and to promote independence

4) Battle of Lexington and Concord: First armed conflict of the Revolutionary War

5) Approval of the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

6) Battle of Saratoga: Turning point in the war; France entered war

7) Surrender at Yorktown: Ended the American Revolution

8) Treaty of Paris: England recognized American Independence in this treaty

Declaration of Independence

Delaware • George Read• Caesar Rodney• Thomas McKean Pennsylvania • George Clymer• Benjamin Franklin• Robert Morris• John Morton• Benjamin Rush• George Ross• James Smith• James Wilson• George Taylor Massachusetts • John Adams• Samuel Adams• John Hancock• Robert Treat Paine• Elbridge Gerry New Hampshire • Josiah Bartlett• William Whipple• Matthew Thornton Rhode Island • Stephen Hopkins• William Ellery New York • Lewis Morris• Philip Livingston• Francis Lewis• William Floyd Georgia • Button Gwinnett• Lyman Hall• George Walton Virginia • Richard Henry Lee• Francis Lightfoot Lee• Carter Braxton• Benjamin Harrison• Thomas Jefferson• George Wythe• Thomas Nelson, Jr. North Carolina • William Hooper• John Penn• Joseph Hewes South Carolina • Edward Rutledge• Arthur Middleton• Thomas Lynch, Jr.• Thomas Heyward, Jr. New Jersey • Abraham Clark• John Hart• Francis Hopkinson• Richard Stockton• John Witherspoon Connecticut • Samuel Huntington• Roger Sherman• William Williams• Oliver Wolcott Maryland • Charles Carroll• Samuel Chase• Thomas Stone• William Paca

How did the American Revolution affect the Slaves
The American Revolution affected the slaves in lots of different ways. One of the reasons that the American Revolution affected the slaves is that it helped lots of slaves escape and the get released . Thousands of slaves achieved their freedom by fighting on the different sides of the American Revolution once promises were made to them that they would become free. Other slaves took advatege of war as an opportunity to run away by escaping from their masters. Lot of slaves got their freedom during the American Revolution they were not given the same rights as the white men.
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