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Outsiders!!! by: Cortney and Ashton

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Outsiders!!! by: Cortney and Ashton

Outsiders!!! by: Cortney and Ashton
Falling Action
They stay in the church for quite awhile until Dally goes to visit them (thank goodness too because they were sick of baloney!) and they go to a DQ where Dally tells them that they have a spy, Cherry. They head back to the church only to find it burning with some kids inside. Pony and Johnny jump into the burning church and save all of the kids. Some of the building collapses on Johnny, breaking his back. Pony escapes only in time to be clubbed by Dally in the back, only because it was on fire. The three all end up in the hospital with some problems, Johnny with the worst of it...
Resolution pt 2
Ponyboy's english teacher tells him that he needs to write a theme about something of importance. He picks up the copy of
Gone With the Wind
that Johnny left to him and finds a note. He reads it and decides to write his theme on his life for the past couple of months.

the end!
This is where we learn about the main character and the war between the gangs, while Ponyboy is walking home from the movies.
Rising action
Pony gets JUMPED! A couple of the Socs find Pony on the streets alone and jump at the chance to jump him. Then he explains when Johnny got jumped, he was cut up and bruised... IT WAS BAD!!! They go to a Nightly-Double and pick up a couple of Soc's girlfriends
Falling Action pt 2
Pony gets out of the hospital with minor burns and bruises but gets really sick. He remembers that there's a rumble that he just HAS TO go to. The gang goes, Dally breaks out of the hospital, with Two-Bit's switch, and helps them. Pony gets the tar beaten out of him, but hey, they won the rumble!
Pony and Dally go to tell the news to Johnny who dies after giving a speech about a poem that Pony told him at the church. Dally runs out so Pony has to walk home. He tells the others that Johnny dies and they all deal with it differently, until they get a phone call that Dally robbed a store and the fuzz are after him. The gang runs to the lot and they see Dally pull out his unloaded gun and the cops shoot him dead to the ground. They all return to their lives as normal... well not normal, but they cope.
Johnny and Pony get jumped!!! They get jumped by a couple of guys and Cherry's boyfriend, Bob, (who is DRUNK!!!) and one of them tries to drown Pony in a fountain, but Johnny pulls his switch on Bob and kills him so the rest retreat out of fear. They go to talk to Dally who sends them to Windrixville with some money and a gun. They hitch a ride on a train (without permission) and stay in an old church.
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