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Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

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shaula dawn hardin

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth
Graduation Project - WRH 2014
Shaula Hardin

Shaula Hardin
Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth
Goal - difference between home births vs. hospital births
Topic - paralleled my career pathway
Neonatal Nurse
There are many aspects that differentiate a home birth and a hospital birth like safety, cost and religious beliefs.
The overview of the research compared/contrasted home births and hospital births. In the beginning I was for hospital births, but through research I have changed my mind about home births. Remember, mostly home births were the norm for thousands of years.
"Yet in the U.S. today, fewer than 1 percent of births happen in the home. "
"Other studies have shown that women who plan home birth have around a 70-80% chance of giving birth without intervention."
"U.S. home births have grown by 59 percent from 2004 to 2012, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "
Santa Clause- RN & Expert in labor and delivery
Works at North Pole Hospital
Delivered every elf baby at the North Pole
Possess: Time Management, Communication and Writing Skills
Learned: Respect Authority, Listen and Resiliency
Paper Mache' Model of Vaginal Cavity During Birth, Interview Mothers, Job Shadow Mr. Clause
My husband, Lenny Kravitz
Steven Tyler, Aerosmith
Mrs. Jo Cameron Jones, English Teacher
Santa Clause
A home birth is done in the comforts of the home setting which sometimes involves water for relaxation and a hospital birth is self explanatory.
Researching home births/hospital births is evident in my product of a vaginal model, interview with a home birth family & job shadowing Santa Clause.
Learning Stretch
Clip of Interview -Home Birth Family
1. Gathered supplies for paper mache' vaginal cavity
2. Let it dry
3. Painted it
4. Called Home Birth Family
5. Set up interview
6. Filmed
7. Met Santa Clause on top of my house
8. Flew to N. Pole on his sleigh
9. Job shadowed him
10. Total hours 25
1st diagram of cavity
Painting cavity
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