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Invention Fair

No description

Olivia Lee

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Invention Fair

The Ultimate Invention Aren't You Sick of Bugs in your room? You can see THESE common things in your room, of course It's relatively O.K. Compare to...... These are just TOO GROSS!! BUT No Worries from Now on!! 'Coz we have... RITTABUGS Meaning? Get "Rid of Bugs!" How does it work? strongest moderate little weak weakest Bugs' Entry Peel it off ! Eco-friendly 1. No more wasting toilet paper! You don't have to crush them to death
with your hands anymore!!
No more disgusting insect intestines
will ever be smeared on your hands! 2. Made of recycled paper!
(Let's all save trees!) And that's not all! 1. Hair Remover 2. Dust Remover 1. snack crumbs 2.USOs
(unidentified small objects) It seems like we have to kill these things with our OWN HANDS......
during our WHOLE HAFS life! Degree of Stickiness Thank You!
Vielen Dank! The END Rittabugs ROCKS!! Presented by
Hyeon Jeong (Olivia) Lee No more critters in your room! NEVER get stressed out bugs again! ONLY $10 per item! "yearly package"
:only $100 hey dudes, thanks for inviting me in. it's so warm for me to live here hehehehe OMG! Aaarrrrrrgh!!!! Sigh....... X 30!! 1 month long Yeepee!! We're saved!!
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