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top ten foods

No description

ashley hernandez

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of top ten foods

Top Ten Foods
Candy Sweet Sour Soft Chewy Crunchy Rock Candy De La Rosa LifeSavers Shaped ring candy Sour patch Candy Dice Candy Ice Cream Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Cold Chunky Smooth Ice Cream Cone ice cream Dairy Queen Ice cream on a stick Ice cream cupcakes Mexican Food Hot Spicy Crunchy Messy Saucey Cheesey Smothered Burrito Chili Fries Burrito Menudo Quesadilla Mexican Food Breakfast Hot Cold Slimy Sweet Salty Buttery Fast Pancakes French Toast Eggs and Bacon Cereal Waffles Breakfast chips Crunchy Loud Salty Sweet Sun Chips Doritos Cinnamon Chips Cheetos hot puffs Chicken Juicy Chewy boneless smooth Chicken stips Chicken nuggets Parmesan chicken Chicken sandwich Chicken enchiladas Vegtables Healthy soft crunchy Dry flavorful Ketchup Onion rings Salad guacamole dip Carrots Chiken Vegetables Chips Fruit sweet juicy mushy lumpy smooth Berries Grapes Oranges Banana Watermelon Fruit Deserts Soup Desserts Decedent Sweet cold messy yummy Carrot cake Chocolate pie Banana split Cherries jubilee Apple cobbler Soup warm hot steamy watery chuncky liquid Spaghetti o's Chicken soup vegetable beef soup Chicken rice soup
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