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Haida's Religion

No description

Simon T

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Haida's Religion

Haidas and the Tlingits
By: Simon Thang
Haida's Religion

The Haidas believed that the universe had three separate parts: Earth, Above Earth, and Beneath the earth. They also believed that animals were smarter then humans. The Haidas also believed that Ne-Kilst-Lass who took the form of an raven and he created the world and brought light and orders.
Haida's Government
The Haidas were related to the same ancestors made up of groups called lineages. In the late 1860s they were allowed to control their land as long as they follow Canadian law. There was two Haida reserves were set up, The Old Masset Village Council Reserve, and the Skidegate Reserve.
Haida's Language
The Haida spoke the Masset dialect. Around the 21st century only about 50 speakers remain alive, and all were over sixty years old; most of them were in their eighties and nineties. Also on page 283 it said that
Haida's History

When the Haida first settle , it was covered in glaciers. They Lived comfortable by sea, so they can find food easier. The Haidas developed a rich culture. They also capture slaves.
Haida's Customs
The Haidas were divided into two main social classes; commoners and wealthy. If the commoners work hard they could easily could be in the wealthy side. The Haidas had tattoos represented a persons' rank in society. Also on page 283 Selina said that their costume is a special blanket with our clan on it.
Tlingit's Religion
Many of the Tlingit belong to The Russian Orthodox Church ( R.O.C) . They believed in spirits or jek. Their tradition and religion on animism. The Tlingit believed in creator called Kah-Shu-Goon-Yah who controlled Heavens and Earth. Their most important cultures belief is Shaman or funtioned priest,doctor,and couselor of his/her people.
Tlingit's Language
The language the Tlingit spoke was from the DENE linguistic family. The Tlingit religion is not spoken very much in modern days. In the 2008 only about 300 to 500 spoke the language.

Tlingit's Clothing
In the summer the men wore no cloths or brechcloth made of out of animals skin. In the winter men wear shirts with trousers made out deer,caribou, or other animal skins. Womans whore cedar bark skirts in the summer, and tunics of buckskins during cooler seasons. Both woman and man whore no shoes during summer and even in winters.
Tlingit's Food
The Tlingit's traditional foods are fish, meats, and wild plants. They live near river in Alaska because its fill with salmon, halibut, herring, and candle fish. They use nets, Traps,spears, bow and arrows to catch their food. They built enormous dugout canoes, to hunt whales, seals, sea lions, and walrus. On land they hunt deers, mountain goats,bear,bird's eggs, and berries. Also on page 290 in the caption it said that Josh and his uncle are on the Chilkat River to find fish to eat

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