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Pocahontas County WRMP

No description

Lynmarie Knight

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Pocahontas County WRMP

Pocahontas County
Water Resources Management Plan

Phase 2: Objectives, Analysis, Tools, Implementation Plan
Current State
currently preparing final revisions in response to comments from WV DEP
submitting final revised WRMP methodology document to WV DEP in the next two weeks
developing Pocahontas County Water Resources website to house plan, useful links, and custom mapping tool (www.pocahontaswater.org)
complete water resources inventory and assessment
Phase 1: Water Resources Assessment
Phase I Report published in February 2012
project development and stakeholder planning
identify data and information gaps
define WRMP objectives
§22-26-9. Regional water resources management plans; critical planning areas.

(f) Any county or municipal government may enter into an agreement with the secretary to designate a local planning area and develop a local plan which may include all or part of a region. The secretary shall assist in development of any such plan to the extent practicable with existing staff and funding.

(g) Plans developed by a county or municipal government shall comply with the secretary's requirements and shall be filed as part of the State Water Resources Management Plan.
Water Resources Protection and Management Act
Pocahontas County Water Resources Task Force
formed by Pocahontas County Commission at the behest of local citizens
first meetings in late 2008, early 2009
originally staffed by AmeriCorps VISTA members
Creating a model for a countywide WRMP
What is a Water Resources Management Plan?
a scientifically research planning tool for managing water resources
publicly available for use by local government, agencies, businesses, industry, farmers/land owners and all citizens of Pocahontas County
How does a county create a WRMP?
We researched other rural counties with WRMPs (Elko County, NV, Rice County, MN, Albermarle County, VA, Carroll County, MD).
The case studies we looked at utilized resources not available to Pocahontas County, namely county staff (water resources/natural resources managers, environmental planners, engineers, etc.) and state & county funding.
Creating a WRMP for Pocahontas Co.
We've worked with the resources we have to create a WRMP intended to provide a replicable model for other rural counties in WV and beyond.
Resources utilized to create Pocahontas County's WRMP

Local Government -
Pocahontas County Commission (fiscal agent, provided funding for 2013 summer internship & supplies), Health Dept., Sanitation Dept., County Floodplain Manager, local mayors, Pocahontas County PSD
State Government -
WV DEP ($13,000 start up funding, free training, collaboration), WV DNR, WV Legislature
Federal Government -

US EPA ($23,840 Phase I funding), SRS Title II funding ($169,548 awarded by WV Resource Advisory Committee, administered by USFS), AmeriCorps VISTA
WRTF Staff -
part time Water Resources Coordinator on board since August 2011
Environmental Consultants -
Downstream Strategies (based in Morgantown, WV)
Local Stakeholders -

WRTF steering committee volunteers, local agency representatives (USFS, WVU Extension Service, WV DEP basin coordinator, local DNR representatives), NRAO, local business/industry representatives, local farmers, community members
refine existing and project future water use estimates
refine hydrologic connections
fill data and information gaps
create WRMP implementation tools (groundwater monitoring plan, water quality monitoring plan, Phase III planning matrix, etc.)
designate strategic water resource areas for the county
create website to house plan and ensure transparency and publicly available data/information
Thank you !
Lynmarie Knight
Pocahontas County
Water Resources Task Force
continued government support
continued stakeholder support
groundwater monitoring
water quality monitoring
source water protection
implementing Water Resources Management
in Pocahontas County
encouraging Water Resources Management
in our other 54 counties
Pocahontas County WRMP as a model
disparities in current water resources issues
precedent set for working with WV DEP
clearer understanding of resources required for collaboration
Why create a countywide Water Resources Management Plan ?
Birthplace of Rivers (Cherry, Cranberry, Elk, Gauley, Greenbrier, Shavers Fork of Cheat, Tygart Valley, and Williams)
Karst topography
water is an important component of our quality of life and economy
proactive rather than reactive
advantages of local input and "boots on the ground"
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