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Book Report

Ryley Ressler

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Cujo

by Stephen King The point of view of CUJO
is 3rd person omniscient. I love the point of view of this novel because i know what is pumping through everyone's mind, even CUJO'S. If this novel was written in a different point of view, it would be boring because I wouldn't get to hear the fear of all of the victims. Also, I might not be able to get inside the mind of this brutal murderer. Donna Trenton is the main character of this novel. She is a woman in her thirties and has a son, Tad, and a husband, Vic.

Donna is...
* Courageous
* Persevering
* Self- conscious
* Infuriated
* Terrified

Donna is courageous because she tried to run for the house when she was trapped inside of her car by the rabid CUJO.

Donna is persevering because she kept telling Tad that someone would find them when they were trapped in the car. She didn't give up hope.

Donna is infuriated. Even after Cujo is dead, she beats him with a baseball bat. Setting
This novel takes place in Castle Rock, Maine in the early 1980's on mostly an old farm.
This setting is important because back in the 80's they didn't have cell phones, so that wouldn't interfere with the fact that Donna and Tad were trapped and couldn't contact anyone. Also, the location is vital because on the old farm Donna couldn't call for help for neighbors. Conflict
The internal conflict in the story is that Vic
found out that Donna was having an affair.

The external conflict is that CUJO has rabies
and is murdering people. Rising Action:

* CUJO trapped Donna and Tad in their car.
* Donna made a run for the house, but Cujo
caught her and injured her.
* CUJO brutally killed Officer Bannerman.
* Donna fought and killed CUJO with a
baseball bat.
* Vic finally found Donna and Tad in the car.
When Vic realized that Tad was
dead from a convulsion and
suffocation. Resolution:

When Donna and Vic decided
to stay together, even after
the affair. Critical Analysis
I loved this book because I loved the gore
and the scare. I also loved the point of
view. I liked getting the thoughts
of what the characters were thinking
seconds before CUJO killed them, I also
liked how I got to hear what CUJO was
thinking! Stephen King also described
the victims feelings in a way that I could
relate to them. Falling Actions:

* Donna would not accept that Tad
was dead and repeatedly kept pumping
air into his lungs.
* When the ambulance arrived for
Tad and Donna.
* The call to the owner of CUJO,
Charity, arrived that the dog was rabid and
had murdered her husband. The 10 things I learned from this book are...

1. If you're a cop, call in for back up BEFORE
you get out of the car.
2. It's probably not a good sign if your dog has
foam dripping from his mouth.
3. If you see a rabid dog, don't hang around until
he rips your guts out.
4. If your son says that there's a monster in his closet, then there's a monster in his closet!
5. Horror books are just as scary as horror movies!
6. If your family is missing, then they are probably trapped in their car by a rabid Saint Bernard.
7. If you need your car fixed, don't go to Joe Camber.
8. Two and a half days in a blazing car is enough to drive you mad.
9. Stephen King is the master of horror.
10. Make sure your dog has had its rabies shot! Steve Kemp is a minor, but important, character in the novel. He is...
* Sleezy
* Vindictive
* Dangerous
* Unpredictable
* Sneaky

Steve is sneaky because he was having an affair with Donna.
Steve is vindictive because he trashed Vic's and Donna's house.
He is also unpredictable because just when he starts to leave Donna alone, he comes back and terrorizes her. Favorite Passage
"It was the biggest dog he had ever seen, and it had
gutted him. Gutted him for Christ's sake, and why was everything so hot and bright? His intestines were slipping through his fingers. And then he heard the dog coming for him and he began to scream again. He tried to hurry. If he could only get the door shut... oh, God, if only he could close the door before the dog got to him again..."
I liked this passage because it really described what CUJO was capable of. He wasn't just a regular rabid dog, his case was extreme, almost as if he was not a dog anymore, but an evil being. This shows true terror and that feeling of being in a nightmare; the monster is coming after you and you are in slow motion! This was one of the best parts of the book! Letter to Character
Dear Tad,
It must've been so hard for you! You were
trapped in the car for several days, while
scorching sun blazed down on you! You were trapped
by a rabid beast that you thought would kill you and your mom. You were very young so I can't imagine how you could've gone through all of that; watching CUJO rip and tear at your peace of mind and at your mom! I loved how you still found happiness in that dreadful situation to laugh for a second. You put aside all of the terror and just put a smile on your face. You were very brave, Tad.
Your Friend,
Ryley Exposition
This novel sets off with a flashback of a man by the name of Frank Dodd. His seemingly nice personality
was all just an act. He was really a murderer. Years later, Tad would awake to his closet door swinging open at night. A beast with red eyes lurked in there. He whispered to Tad that he was Frank Dodd and was going to devour him. Even Donna had come to witness some of these blood curdling events... THANK YOU!
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