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Yellow Journalism Day 3

No description

Matt Baker

on 18 October 2018

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Transcript of Yellow Journalism Day 3

Yellow Journalism Day 3
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Yellow Journalism Project

- I can finish my project
- I can assess Yellow Journalism

Discussion Opener
How could Yellow Journalism be used as a tool/weapon in today's society? Explain.
Modern Yellow Journalism?
Is this article Yellow Journalism? Why?
Yellow Journalism in America
Why do newspapers sell biased news?

Is it possible to make unbiased news?

What can we do to better inform ourselves?
Project Work Time
To be done today:
- Project finished
- Grade your group's project on the rubric
- On task
- Project completed
- When you finish, get caught up on late work
Set your project up, we will showcase them for the class.

Use the grading slip I gave you (one per group) to offer plus/delta

Plus: Good thing about their project
Delta: One thing they can improve
- Do not disparage
- Think "Man in the Arena", offer feedback
Writing Prompt
Is Yellow Journalism still prevalent today?

If so, what can we do to protect against it?

If not, why not?
Discussion: Could Carnegie's message in the "Gospel of Wealth" be a version of the White Man's Burden? Why?
Gatsby Quiz
- Take 2 minutes to discuss chapter 4 with your table

- 12 minutes to take the quiz
- Complete sentences
- Explain your answer
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