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Junie B Jones

No description

Beth Janus-Doyle

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Junie B Jones

Madelyn Doyle Junie B Jones, First Grader:
by Barbara Park Characters
Junie B Jones: first grade girl

Junie's parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Mr. Scary: Junie's teacher Settings: Junie's house
Junie's school
Hawaii: hotel, beach, ocean, pool,
and nature center Events: Junie's parents surprise her with a trip
to Hawaii! She is so excited.........

But when she gets to the airport, she is annoyed by
the long lines and the security scanners! Events: Events: Finally, when she lands, a man gives them each
a flower lei.

When she arrives at her hotel it is even more
beautiful than she can imagine....... Events: Junie's parents buy her a swim ring that looks
like a parrot. Unfortunately, it is too small for her
and it gets STUCK around her waist! Events: They take a trip to a nature center. Junie loves
it there because the flowers are so beautiful.......
but then a bird flies into her hair and gets stuck! Conclusion: Before she leaves Hawaii, Junie develops all of
her pictures and creates her photo journal.
She cannot wait to get home and show everyone. Junie says this is the best trip of
her life!!! Once she is on the airplane, she realizes that there are
grumpy ladies in front of her AND behind her!

The lady behind her even grabbed her hula girl
Barbie from her!! When they try to go snorkeling, Junie gets
scared by an eel and jelly fish. She runs out of
the ocean and won't get back in!! THE END
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