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The Storyteller: by Saki

Language Arts

anna skubon

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of The Storyteller: by Saki

The Storyteller By:Saki Theme: Being proud of your accomplishments is good, but bragging gets you into trouble. The History of Burma H.H Munro Setting Character Development Rice is the staple food along with millet, and corn
most common drink is tea
industried include textiles, footwear, wood processing, mining, production of construction materials, pharmaceuticals and fertilizer manufacturing socially divided into 3 parts
tiny elite
small middle class
very many poor people Military has ruled since 1962
human rights are often abused men make the food and take care of transportation
women do weaving, teaching and nursing.
under traditional rule, women were of high status
under military rule they are low status. Children are named after they're a few years old
education started in 1853 but has gone down since 1962
college is virtually impossible
90% of them are buddhists better known as Saki
born December 18, 1870 in akyab, Burma
died November 13, 1916 in France during WWI as he was shot by a German Sniper when he was 2, his mother was killed by a runaway cow didn't recieve a formal education until boarding school
wrote stories for the Westminster Gazette Some other famous stories
-The Easter Egg
-The Elk
-The Blind Spot
-The Quest characters saki uses come from family and relatives kids = unreasonable and annoying
then become understaning and calm Bachelor = quiet, then talkative to calm the children down. Aunt = willing and hopeful, but utterly a failure at keeping the children quiet. takes place on a train in a cart a very hot afternoon, left everyone uncomfortable and restless. As aunt fails to tell a good story, Bachelor takes over and shows her how it's done. Burma Temples
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