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Welcome to Big Apple: Presenting You with NYU LifeHacks

Moving into NYU New York can be a little overwhelming at first, so do take a step back and understand the big picture. Our school has abundant resources and opportunities for you to make your college experience meaningful and unique!

Vivien Li

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Big Apple: Presenting You with NYU LifeHacks

NYU Lifehacks
Put on your shoes. And get ready for a New Adventure...
Explore Your horizon.
Broaden your knowledge.
become a global citizen.
Intro to Prezi 101
Start today, and become an expert tomorrow.
Guide to use prezi
The science & art of Presentations
the Support community
York University
- a global network university -
Free vector arts to put in prezi!
Video tutorials and FAQs
It's a city.
Perhaps a bit hard to find your way at first.
But no worries.
There are many ways to get around
Great apps to
and the city
Embark NYC Subway
Use "vivienl104ue" code to get a free ride!
Welcome to Big Apple
Also, some helpful used in NYU
Yo man! I just saw at
Say what?
Shopping for Textbooks:
1. NYU Bookstore
2. Amazon
3. Facebook groups:
NYU Buying/Selling Textbooks
NYU Textbook Exchange
Free & For Sale
Convenient; check your booklist:
Cheaper; get Amazon Student Prime (free trial; 2-days shipping)
Writing Center
Essay saver!
Home Page:

411 Lafayette, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10003
Telephone: 212 998-8866
Hours: Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 8 pm; Friday, 11 am to 4 pm
***Note: Hours differ during Summer Sessions

Schedule an appointment:
Washington Square:
Brooklyn Campus:

Study Spaces?
Bobst Library:
Kimmel Center & G-CASL
Academic Resource Center (ARC)
Residence Hall options, i.e. Third North, Palladium, etc.
Extracurricular & Events
September 2015
(Free) Museums
NYU Clubs
Interested in joining clubs but missed Club Fest?
And more...
1. Class Activities Boards (CABS)
2. Residential Community
3. Diversity
Check for RA e-mails and flyers on bulletinboards
Student Spiritual Life:
1. Go to NYU Home --> NYU Life
2. Scroll down to "NYU Skirball", or "Ticket Central"
Don't forget:
For more app recommendation, check out:
Plan ahead!!
Internships & Jobs
Never too early to think about?
Regardless of visa issue, helps you build your resume, cover letter, and does mock interview!
Wasserman career center
That's right.
I'm important.
Where: 133 E 13th St #2, New York, NY 10003
(212) 998-4730
Good, Cheap(er) Food
For Lovers:
Personal recommendation:
St. Marks area
TKettle (Taiwanese food)
Izakaya (Japanese creative dish)
Saigon Shack (Vietnamese)
Rasa (Malaysian + Sushi bars + Halal)
Pippali (Indian food) -- Gramercy Green
Golden Unicorn -- China Town
Sweet Revenge (cupcakes)
Spot (Japanese inspired)
La Bella Ferrera
Learn More Languages
Speaking Freely:
Academic Skills Workshops & Express Yourself:
So, that's it for now...
Welcome to
New york university
Here's just one more piece of advice that you'd find useful for future projects...
Want to Present like a
Stay updated to learn more about Prezi and attend future workshops/talks, etc.:
Or perhaps, your 1st time at NYU?
Don't be!!
Worried about essays or getting books?
Another quick guide...
What's Prezi?
No worries; click here then sign in with NYU ID:
For more info:
As well as a sneak peek at Sherlock's lesson:
Why Prezi?
1. Good storyboard; structures your idea flows
2. Accessible with any browser
3. It's like a Mind Map, unlike traditional Powerpoint
4. Engaging audience via its dynamic, enticing transitions
Free to
use multi-media
**Not necessarily the easier way to create presentation, but more rewarding.
5. Easier to navigate--spatially--throughout your prezi, and remember your work
More importantly...
Over 60 million users since the company's establishment in 2009
From consumers, to educators, to businesses – it claims 80% of Fortune 500 companies use the platform.
See full review:
See more:
And Free Food?
Look out for events from clubs, your major, and Class Activity Boards (CABS)
Check Facebook to search for events nearby
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