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Yr 9 Puberty - can feel like a washing machine!

Adolescent growth & puberty - A Catholic perspective

Kim Pope

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Yr 9 Puberty - can feel like a washing machine!

Physical Changes During Puberty
Talking about Sex
& the Changes During Puberty
When did you have the 'birds & bees talk' with your parents TONIGHT: Your HOMEWORK is to ask them when did they go through puberty? Yes... its a difficult to approach. All people go through sexual changes that will prepare them for the process of reproduction.
Physical Changes in Girls
Physical Changes in Boys
Sexual Changes in Boys
Overview Sexual Changes in Girls
What is Puberty?
Definition: The Period in which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction.
Today we will discuss boy's erections. An erection is when the penis fills up with blood and hardens. The penis will become bigger and stand out from the body. Erections can happen because of sexual stimulus, physical exercise, or NO reason at all. A erection can happen at any time. They can also lead to wet dreams. More on this to come during the Part Two
Today we are covering how girls go through puberty changes differently from boys as their sex organs are internal. Their main reproductive organs are the womb, the vagina, fallopian tubes and 2 ovaries. The vagina also leads to the uterus or womb where a girl experiences her menstruation / period. This will be covered in Part Two
Normal pubertal development consists of many different physical changes to one's body. Everyone is different, so each person will experience these changes at different times. The physical signs usually start around the age of 11 and are considered over by 19

Males tend to experience more changes than girls to.
Hair Growth
Occurs in the armpits, pubic triangle, and sometimes the inner thighs.
Breast Development
Starts around the age of 11 and continues throughout puberty. All girls breast development differs on the person.
Sweat and oil glands begin to develop fully and can result in clogged pores, causing acne. Washing the face daily can really help.
Girls will grow an average of 3.5 inches a year. Heads, hands and feet are the first things to grown, then arms and legs, finally the torso and shoulders will catch up.
Weight Gain
Gaining weight is a healthy & normal process of puberty.

Without it, one cannot grow taller, develop breasts or get your first period.
The scrotum of the testicles will begin to get larger due to the growth of the testicles.
This occurs around the age of 10 to 13.
Around the age of 11 to 14 1/2, the penis will enlarge in length and has a small increase in width.
Hair Growth
The growth of pubic hair usually occurs between the ages of 10 to 15. This can vary.
The fist sign of pubic hair is around the base of the penis.
Hair growth will continue around the pubic triangle and will get coarser and darker.
Hair may continue to the thighs.
Males will also grow hair in the chest, armpits, and face.
Change in Voice
Due to the high production of testosterone, the Larynx gets bigger. As the Larynx grows, the vocal chords begin to get longer and thicker.
Cavities in the sinuses, the nose, and the back of the throat grow bigger, creating more space in the face that gives your voice more room to echo. All of these factors cause your voice to get deeper.
Adam's Apple
Along with all the other changes in your body, you might notice that your throat area looks a little different. For guys, when the larynx grows bigger, it tilts to a different angle inside the neck. Part of it sticks out in the part of the neck at the front of the throat and forms the Adam's apple. For girls, the larynx also grows bigger but not as much as a guy's. That's why girls don't have Adam's apples.
Just like females, males may experience acne due to the development of oil and sweat glands.
Washing your face daily can be extremely helpful.
Males will experience a growth spurt around the age of 10 to 16.
Males can grow an average of 4.1 inches a year.
The male growth spurt will last longer than the females.
Strength Spurt
By the end of puberty, adult men have heavier bones and nearly twice as much skeletal muscle.
Some of the bone growth is disproportionately greater, resulting in noticeably different male and female skeletal shapes.
This muscle develops mainly during the later stages of puberty, and muscle growth can continue even after boys are biologically adult.
The peak of the so-called "strength spurt", the rate of muscle growth, is attained about one year after a male experiences his peak growth rate.
Adolescent elephants will sometimes throw themselves on the ground as a sign of extreme emotional distress. This is most commonly known as "throwing a tantrum." :)
Development During Puberty
Tonight... its you turn to ask the ???Difficult to discuss.... "What do kids know about sex?".... (movie break)
Just like when we were infants, puberty is a period of time that our brains are going through a huge growth spurt and activity.
During Puberty you are likely
to experience mood swings
and more intense emotion.
Puberty can feel like a washing machine!
Complete paper work on Female organs - label the diagram
You're starting to choose your own standards, form your own ideals, values and opinions. You may question those of your parents, friends or society in general.

This is all part of the growing up process. You're learning how to listen to others.  You're learning to take some time to get to know yourself and what you think about things.

You're learning that other people have a right to their own opinions. You're learning to stick to what you believe is right.

Thinking changes

* Ovaries
two-almond shaped sexual glands which store millions of tiny eggs. From the time a girl reaches puberty, the ovaries alternately release one egg every month.
* Fallopian tubes
a pair of long, narrow tubes where the egg travels from the ovaries to the uterus.
* Uterus or womb
a hallow, muscular organ where fertilization takes place and where the baby grows until it is born.
* Vagina
A long muscular tube which serves as the passage for menstruation and the baby during birth.
* Ovum
the female egg release by the ovaries every month

What are the body changes in boys and girls?

You have to learn about responsibility and compromise. Telling your parents how you feel can help.

Parents are usually willing for you to become more independent if you show that you are also responsible.

Changing yourself

Girls who do not have very much body muscle mass may not have regular periods or may not start periods until much later than others.
Women and girls who lose a lot of weight, or suffer from anorexia, do not menstruate
Osteopenia & Osteoporosis occur in anorexia patients, which is reduction in bone mineral density – as bones require the estrogen that is released during periods

What can affect your periods?
This menstrual 'cycle' usually takes 28 days, but it can be longer or shorter.

When you start your periods they may not be very regular at first.

Everyone is different but over time you will get to know what your cycle is like.

Menstrual Cycle:
What happens inside the ovary
About once a month, one egg leaves the ovary (ovulation) and travels down the fallopian tube towards the uterus (womb).
While the egg is developing and traveling the uterus starts preparing for it by building up its lining with extra blood and tissue
If the egg is fertilized by a male sperm, then your body will use that 'nest' to protect and nourish the egg as it grows into a baby.

Menstrual Cycle:
What happens inside the ovary

The word menstruation comes from a Latin word 'mens' which means month

a small sac of skin that holds and protects the testes. It is located at the base of the penis
the tube connecting the urinary bladder and the penis. It is where the urine and semen exit.
Sperm and gametes
it is the male egg cell. The whitish fluid that the male excretes is called the semen

an elongated, muscular organ found between the legs in the groin area.
Testicles or testes
a pair of oval-shaped organs that produce and store sperms.
Vas deferens
a thick tube that transports the sperm from testicles to the urethra.

Muscle mass and strength increase
Increased oil & sweat
Penis & testicles grow
'Nocturnal emissions' or wet dreams
Unexpected erections
Voice changes
Hair growth

Oil & Sweat...
teenagers start to sweat
and becoming a bit smellier! Your body is heating up to grow.
Getting oilier skin and often some pimples is normal. As well as
having sexual feelings
& start feeling 'moody'.
What are the changes to your body?
growing taller (and getting bigger feet!)
changing shape
getting hairier on arms and legs and growing new hair under arms and in the pubic area) - it starts out just a bit of fine hair then gets thicker and darker as you get older

What are the changes to your body?
These glands start making a lot more of some hormones including growth hormone, LH (Lutenizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone).
These hormones act on other parts of your body to make the changes happen.


Change from a child to an adult
Puberty is the time of sexual maturation and achievement of fertility.
Puberty is associated with development of secondary sex characteristics and rapid growth.
Watch section 9:00 - 12:30

So what is PUBERTY?

Boys and girls have 'crushes'
You may have a crush on someone you know of the same or opposite sex as yourself.
You may feel really strongly about a movie star

What is crush?
Sometimes I think that society is a bit unfair on boys here. Everyone knows that girls can get emotional when they are experiencing hormonal changes and starting menstruation.
But boys are also coping with hormonal changes, although usually a couple of years later than the girls and they sometimes get forgotten.

Emotional Changes
Both boys and girls go through all sorts of emotional changes at puberty.
Some girls do find that they get more pimples around the time their period is due.

Try anti-bacterial face wash & moisturize

Gentle exercise HELPS with cramps - get the muscles moving & NO it won't speed up your period

Tip: Take "stuff" with you
and be PREPARED - sleepovers, camping etc..


First of all… Relax about it – it happens to half the world’s population (that’s a lot of people!). Menstruation is also called menstrual bleeding, menses, a period. The flow of menses normally serves as a sign that a woman has not become pregnant.
Height growth
Widening of hips
Weight distribution
Breast development
Increase of oil & sweat
Develop curves
Pubic hair

Boys gain weight

Shoulders get wider

Muscles start to get bigger and stronger.

growth of body hair, including underarm, abdominal, chest, and pubic hair
start anywhere between the ages of 8-13 years (and sometimes earlier or later)
but often the first changes happen around 10 or 11 years.
somewhere between 10 and 15 years.
With quite a lot of boys the first changes start to happen when they are around 11 or 12 years old.
When does puberty happen?

For Girls
these hormones work on their ovaries
to the adrenal glands, so that they make more of the female sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone
For Boys:
work on their testes and adrenal glands (glands next to the kidneys) to make androgens (sex hormones) such as testosterone. This works on the testes so that they start to make sperm.
What LH and FSH do?

Session One: Hormones & Body changes
Session Two: Boys & Girls Development
Session Three: Garden - Good moral character
Puberty isn't easy
Have bit of a laugh!!
Because God doesn't
make junk! It will all be
fine in the end.
Discovery TV clip
*Great - but TOO LONG
Use first 8 mins
Where is this gland?
Part One:
Prayer - "You"
Discuss maturity.....

Boys & Girls
To fill out 'Male Organs'
page - no helping - how many labels do you know??
Your sexuality as
"Thinking about changes"
Q & A Time
Boys go to room ?
Girls go to room ?
Puberty activity sheet
T & F questions
"How much do you know?"

"His & Hers"

Gender & Sexuality

Becoming a teenager
can be funny!! Like Kevin...
DOCTOR'S INTERVIEW: Any time a person loses a certain percentage of their body weight then they stop having period's. When we lose that much muscle mass then we lose oestrogen. When we lose that much oestrogen then their period stops. When the period stops then the ovaries stop functioning.

When the ovaries stop functioning, and because the ovaries produce the oestrogen and the bones need the oestrogen, then the bone starts to get affected. So if my patients could lose their period for about six months. If an anorexic loses her period for six months, right away if we do a bone density scan we see the signs of osteopnea even if they just lost six menstrual cycles, and what we find is that even as they resume their nourishment again and they start to eat and the body can re-nourish itself, it takes a while for the period to come back, and some of the bone that the person loses is never regained.

So you could have a sixteen year old that ends up having the bones of a three year old after she's had anorexia for two years. It's huge. This bone loss is huge and it's irreversible. So the menstrual cycle ceases because you don't have the muscle and the fat in your body, basically, to maintain the menstrual cycle. When you lose that menses, there is this ripple effect that occurs to the bones that is very very dangerous
All periods are different (3 - 7 day)
Haven't got your period ??
don't worry - All girls start when their body is ready
TEST TIME - worksheet
Complete the change chart
for Boy's & Girls in as much detail as you can
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