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Popular Entertainment in World War One

The Tango, Poular music, Hollywood stars, Ect.

Destiny Dale

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Popular Entertainment in World War One

Popular Entertainment During World War One By: Joey and Destiny Tango Popular Music during the World War 1 Era Hollywood Stars
During the
World War I Era The Tango was one of the most fascinating dances of all.
It originated in Spain or Morocco.
It was introduced by Spanish settlers.
The tango spread throughout Europe in the 1900's.
The music for the tango is paced to 16 or 32 beats.
It is one of the easiest dances.
The tango music is like a story because the steps are similar to paragraphs and sentences (in terms of length) and the period at the end of the sentence represents the end of the dance. Billie Holiday was popular during World War One.
She was a jazz singer.
She was known for her emotional voice. Billie Holiday Ella Fitzgerald pianist
orchestra leader
Grammy Award winner Duke Ellington Resources
http://www.centralhome.com/ballroomcountry/tango.htm Billie Holiday Ella Fitzgerald Duke Ellington : ^ ) : ^ ) Ms. Fitzgerald was a Grammy Award winning jazz singer.
She was known for her unmistakable voice. Marie Dressler She was born in 1869- died 1934.
Marie Dressler was an American actrees.
Appered on Stage in Vaudevill before making her first film Tillier Punctured Romance. Charlie Chaplin Charlie was known as "The little Trap".
He was a Superstar of Silent films.
Gained aspect of his films in 1915. Bille Burke Bille was a daughter of a singing clown.
She started in a Silent films.
You may know her as Glinda The Good Watch
in The Wizard of Oz which she later played in
1939 The End
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