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No description

leann diab

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of UCLA

Famous Alumni Entrance Requirements Location The University of California,
Los Angeles
By Leann Aboudiab UCLA MASCOT The UCLA football team, playing its first season, was then known as the "Cubs" owing to their younger relationship to the California Bears in Berkeley. In 1923, under new coach Jimmie Cline, the football team adopted the name "Grizzlies." In 1928, the Grizzlies joined the Pacific Coast Conference. However, there was a problem with the nickname, since the University of Montana, also a member of the PCC, owned the name Grizzlies. At the end of 1928 they were officially then called the Bruins. Sports This is Joe and Josephine Bruin. 405 Hilgard Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90095 Tuition Costs 10 men sports
12 women sports Field of Interest Famous Landmarks GPA SAT/ACT Scores Required High School Courses The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and Television

2 years Only except thirty students The GPA average is 3.70 - 3.99 SAT ACT

Critical Reading 600 - 690 30 & above

Math 600 - 690 30 & above

Writing 600 - 690 30 & above

Composite 1,800 - 2,090 30 & above History/Social Science 2 years required

English 4 years required

Mathematics 3 years required,
4 years recommended

Laboratory Science 2 years required,
3 years recommended

Visual and Performing Arts 1 year required

Language 2 years required,
3 years recommended

College Preparatory Electives 1 year required
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