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Eat, Pray, Love

No description

Chloe Leuthaeuser

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love Setting Characters Conclusion Character vs. Character Character vs. Character While we all know divorce is a hard thing to go through, Elizabeth has it extra difficult when she is divorcing Steven because she feels unsatisfied with her life in general. She just all of a sudden feels like she doesn't want to be married. She conflicts with Steven because he feels that they can rekindle their love, but Liz assures that their love can never be the same again. Elizabeth just wants to slip out the door and act like the divorce isn't a big deal, when really it is. It is hard enough in the first place to tell him that she doesn't want to be married, but when she sees that she is breaking his heart, she can't handle it and just breaks down. She doesn't want to hurt him, but she knows that Steven and Liz together as one just can't be. David Corella She is the woman that Liz first meets in India. Corella looks up to Liz for guidance in her arranged marriage that is planned to happen soon. Corella fears that the love won't be real and that she won't be happy. At her wedding Liz tells Corella that she dedicated her prayers and meditation to her. In her meditations she sees Corella happily married. This gives Corella the hope of living a fulfilled life and believing in her marriage. Steven Steven is essentially the antagonist and Elizabeth Gilbert's ex-husband. He the source of much conflict for Elizabeth in the beginning of the memoir and one of the main causes for her journey of self-discovery. By the end of her full journey, she understands that their love just couldn't rekindle itself. Their relationship parted on a bad note. Iva She is Elizabeth's best friend in New York. Iva was critical of Elizabeth's traveling idea, because she didn't know how traveling to different countries would solve her problems. Although she didn't agree with Liz, she was a good friend in supporting her and hoping the best for her. She helps Liz gain confidence in knowing that God will always be there to protect her and he is a friend. Ive encourages Liz to write a "petition to God" asking him to end her divorce. Iva tells Liz, "You have every entitlement to participate in the actions of the universe, and to let your feelings be known." (32). Elizabeth Gilbert She is the protagonist in this memoir. The book follows her through many personal journeys in solving her problems. She appears to be the perfect women with a great husband and a successful career, but she begins to feel unsatisfied with where she is in her life and how she is living it. Summary The story begins with Elizabeth, a woman in her mid-thirties who is currently living in New York with a passion to travel and a struggling marriage. She was what she once considered a happy woman, but then grows to realize that she does not want to be married any longer. After finally getting through a nasty divorce, Liz decides to risk everything she has by leaving home and traveling to Italy, India, and lastly Bali because traveling is what she loves to do. She goes to find herself. While traveling around the world, Liz discovers many different things. In Italy she discovers the true pleasure of nourishment by engulfing herself with delicious Italian food; In India she struggles, but eventually finds the power of prayer, and finally in Bali she unexpectedly finds a balance between inner peace and true love. Liz comes across a mix of feelings nearing the end of her trip which leaves her initially listening to what her head is saying and not what is in her heart. In the end, Liz grows and is no longer afraid to love again. Turning Points: While in Bali, Liz has her birthday. But instead of asking all of her close friends and family to send gifts to her, she asks for money to donate to Tutti and Wayan. Liz learns from this that sometimes when you go out to help yourself, you end up helping 'tutti': which translates to everyone in Italian. Turning Points: New York India gives Liz the opportunity to reflect on her own marriage by watching the arranged marriage of Tootsie. She is motivated to dedicate her prayer to the happiness and success of this new marriage. Plot Conflict By Elizabeth Glibert Presentation by Alysa Remington, Chloe Leuthaeuser and Anna Sawtelle David David is another antagonist in this memoir.
David is the man that helped Elizabeth rebound from her divorce during the finalization. She was mainly attracted to his striking features, and unique personality making her believe that she was 'in love' with David. In reality David couldn't provide the type of attention and support that Elizabeth thought he could. In the end she left David in New York and started her traveling journey. David and Elizabeth have an on and off relationship even during her time in Italy but during her last month in Italy, Elizabeth emails David and
ends the unhealthy relationship for good. Ketut Sofi The Swedish woman Sofi, is Elizabeth's first friend that she meets in Rome, Italy. Elizabeth meets Sofi in her Italian class. Sofi is blond and in her late 20's and "so damn cute you could put her on a hook and use her as bait to catch men..." (57). Sofi describes Elizabeth as 'a woman in search of her word'. Sofi encourages her to do things for herself: like buying the lingerie she wanted to, even if there was no man to show it off too. Liz gave Sofi the confidence she needed because Sofi tended to worry about the little things like fitting into an old pair of jeans. Richard Wayan Wayan is a Bali healer that Liz turns to when she is injured. Wayan helps to heal Liz, but also allows her to feel comfortable in Bali. Liz and Wayan bond over the fact that they have both been divorced. Liz thinks that finding another divorced woman in Bali will be impossible because divorce is highly frowned upon, but talking to Wayan about this gives her comfort. Wayan tells Liz, "My life is heavy, too much sad, too much hard. I don't understand why life is so hard." (259). She and her daughter, Tutti, lost everything in their divorce and Liz sees that they are struggling and has the desire to help them. Felipe New York "Ambition" New York is Liz's life. Its where her homes, friends, and career is. Although it is her home and comfort zone, she is still unsatisfied. Before Liz began to travel, 9/11 occurred shaking her entire lifestyle and surroundings. "That time, I was not in Rome but in the upstairs bathroom of the big house in the suburbs of New York which I'd recently purchased with my husband. It was a cold November, around three o'clock in the morning," Liz tells the reader. This is where the story begins. Italy "Pleasure" Italy is a culture centered around food and personal delight. Being in Italy teaches Liz how to enjoy doing 'nothing', and just being present and content with pleasing herself first, and others second. India "Devotion" India is a culture centered around prayer and meditation. Liz struggles with some of the cultural and spiritual aspects in India at first. She learns that silence is a spiritual practice, and arranged marriages are still common to this day. Liz gains her focus and learns that "God dwells within you as you". Bali, Indonesia "Balance" Bali is Eliazbeth's final traveling point. This is where everything starts to fall into place because of the valuable lessons she learns from the people here. Bali is the perfect balance between religion and enjoyment and Liz utilizes this in the conclusion of her journey. In the end she finds that she is satisfied with her life and true love. Introduction Character vs. Character Iva In the beginning of this memoir, Elizabeth has this huge dream built up in her head about how traveling to all these beautiful places will solve her problems. Her best friend Delia however questions the fact that Liz is willing to spend thousands of dollars on traveling to these places, when she truly doesn't know if it will solve her problems. Delia and Elizabeth get into a slight argument, mainly because Delia is worried about Liz being all alone with nobody to turn to. Steven When Elizabeth is going through her divorce, she still wants that "lovey" connection at the same time. She meets David and he makes her feel loved and at the time Elizabeth likes that. But over time, she begins to not like the way David treats her. She realizes that the only reason she is hanging out with him is because she is desperate in making herself feel better. David does in fact have a unique personality and does fun things, but in the end he doesn't want what Liz wants and Liz doesn't want what David wants. David in the beginning shows attraction towards Liz, but near the end he acts as though she is invisible. Liz leaves for traveling when realizing David really isn't a solution for her. She knows they are done because he doesn't make an effort until about ten minutes before she leaves. Character vs. Social Structure Marriage Elizabeth has a hard time understanding marriage in general. The pressure of marriage and how it is expected to be some perfect thing in society; Liz learns really quickly that marriage is never going to turn out perfect. Character vs. Self Elizabeth has many internal conflicts throughout the whole memoir including not believing in herself, love, or anything she does in general. She has the tendency to lose hope and give up in things such as her marriage and meditation. From the things she learns throughout her long year journey, she is able to trust herself in what she is doing and stay confident as a person. Character vs. Nature Meditation When Liz travels to India, she is overwhelmed with the different types of people and the strict practice of prayer. She has a hard time feeling comfortable because she is new to the society and people make her feel alienated. Because she lets her mind think that she is different it makes her timid in being able to meditate like the other people there. She has a hard time focusing on what is really important to her in her meditation sessions and she struggles for quite a while. Although eventually she gets the hang of it, it takes hard work and a helping hand or two along the way. Character vs. Character Felipe Elizabeth meets this wonderful man in Bali, and deep down she knows he is wonderful, however at first she is unsure about him. Mainly she is afraid of unlocking her heart, which makes it difficult for her to trust any male figure in general. Felipe truly loves Liz and is willing to open his heart up even though he was just put through a terrible divorce as well but Liz isn't willing to make this step at first. This conflict leads to great sadness for both Liz and Felipe because they both know that they have a stong love and connection, but that it is just going to take time for Liz to come around. Bibliography Giovanni Turning Points: Italy Turning Points: India Indonesia "What happened was that I started to pray. You know-- like, to God" (12) Some of the first stories that Liz recalls in her memoir are all of the times she spent sobbing on the bathroom floor. Liz comes to the realization that something in her life needs to change and for the first time in her life, Liz prays to God for help. While traveling on a book tour with Liz, Iva has her write a 'petition' to God about
all of the things that she wants to change in her life. They continue for hours naming people who would support Liz and sign the petition until finally Liz drifts asleep. She is awakened by a phone call from her divorce lawyer saying Steven has signed the papers. This gives Liz the freedom and reason to leave and get a fresh start in Italy. " 'Great news!' my lawyer announced from distant New York City. 'He just signed it!' A few weeks later, I am living in Italy." (34) Being able to speak Italian is a major accomplishment for Liz. She loves the language because of its beauty and wants to be able to speak it fluently, and while on the train to Bologna, Liz realizes that she can fluently speak by talking to another Italian man on the train. "Some line had been crossed and I'm actually speaking Italian now. I'm not translating; I'm speaking." (99) During her stay in Rome, Liz visits the Augusteum. She notes how the building itself has endured and adapted to the ruin it endured and concluded that ruin is a gift and is the road to transformation. She realizes that she was afraid of change because it seemed like her life too was crumbling around her. Liz comes to peace with the chaos in her life and all of the changes she is facing. "I look at the Augusteum, and I think that perhaps my life has not actually been so chaotic, after all. It is merely this world that is chaotic, bringing changes to us all that nobody could have expected." (75) Italy gives Liz the right mindset to finally break things off with David after their rocky, on-and-off relationship. She thinks that she can't live without this man in her life because he means so much to her, but after just taking time to enjoy other things, she realizes that she doesn't need David in order to be happy. "Something about my recent joy in Naples has made me certain that I not only can find happiness without David, but must." (84) Resolutions Themes Discussed previously in the 'plot' sections are many different events that change Liz into the woman who she is today. Through her experiences in Italy, Liz learns how to do things that please her and take time for herself. A common theme that relate to these experiences is essentially do what makes you happy. Liz gets so caught up in pleasing Steven and trying to make herself happy with the image of her as a happy, stay-put mom that she forgets what she truly wants to do in life. God helps her overcome that in the first place by making her feel the urge to travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia. India teaches Liz to trust in God and Liz learns that she needs to open herself up to the possibilities that the universe has to offer her. Bali pulls together everything that Liz has learned into one place with many different situations, and finally allows her to truly love again. Giovanni is ten years younger than Liz and he is Liz’s Italian Tandem Exchange Partner. They eat dinner together and practice speaking Italian and English. Giovanni is 25 years old and he tall, dark, handsome and has an identical twin. He has liquid-center brown eyes Liz has a love interest in him that she knows she cannot pursue. Giovanni teaches Liz her favorite Italian word, "Attraversiamo." This means "cross over." (71). Liz has many conflicts throughout her journey, many starting in New York. Her first conflict is with Steven involving their marriage. This conflict is unfortunately resolved by divorce. The relationship that she forms with David shortly after the divorce helps her rebound quickly and keep her mind off of Steven. Her second conflict is with David. The problem is that Liz and David love each other in different ways and want different things out of the relationship. Liz decides that she is not going to stand for this any longer. This conflict is finally solved when Liz decides that she needs to travel. She finally ends things with David while she is in Italy because she realizes that she needs to be able to be happy without David in her life. Another conflict is with Liz and trusting herself. In the beginning of her journey she is very indecisive in deciding what she wants. But throughout her journey in Italy she learns to be happy by pleasing herself, in India she learns that by focusing and dedicating your thoughts to one thing she can find clarity in her own mind, and lastly in Indonesia she learns to trust herself in loving again. Catherine Catherine is Liz’s older sister. Catherine is three years older than Liz and three inches taller. She’s an athlete, scholar, mother, and writer. She never gets scared and she has not always been close with Liz, until Liz stood up to Catherine for the first time in her life. Catherine is Liz’s only sibling and they both grew up on a rural farm in Connecticut. Catherine is supportive and loving of Liz and she plans everything and tries to always gather as much knowledge as she can. "My sister's faith is in learning. Her sacred text is the Oxford English Dictionary," (91) Liz tells the reader about Catherine. Theme: “Never be afraid to benefit yourself by taking a journey in pursuit of your own self-discovery, growth, and transformation, no matter how much you believe you do or do not deserve it.” "Somewhere in me I am able to recognize that this is not my melancholy; this is the city's own indigenous melancholy, and I am healthy enough these days to be able to feel me and it. This is a sign, I cannot help think, of healing, of the coagulation of my self." (101) Liz and her friend Linda, whom she met in Bali 2 years back on her yoga retreat, decide to take a trip to Venice. Though the city is gorgeous, she couldn't ignore that the people and the things she saw there seemed empty and desolate. Rather than feeling this sadness within herself, Liz was able to separate the sadness of the city and her own feelings. Ketut is the medicine man that Elizabeth first meets when her divorce is being finalized when she goes on a yoga retreat to Bali, Indonesia. There he foresees that she will lose all of her money and immediately gain it back, move to Bali to teach him English, and in return Ketut will teach her everything he knows. Ketut advises Liz that, "You must stop looking at the world through your head. You must look through your heart, instead. That way, you will know God." (27). He plays a huge roll in guiding her through challenging problems throughout her visit in Bali. Richard is another friend that Liz meets while traveling in India. He pushes her to stop trying to meditate and let it naturally happen by just being present. He encourages her to forget about what her mind is caught up in, like her past relationships, and to clear her mind and open a door to a new universe. Richard eventually opens up to telling his story about his past to Liz. He explains how he lost his wife and little boy due to failures and addictions. He proceeds to tell her that if you forgive yourself then everything will eventually fall into place naturally and your life will begin to change. Felipe is the man that captures Elizabeth's heart in the end of the memoir. However, they do not fall in love immediately. They meet because Felipe accidentally hits Liz riding on her bike. Later that night they meet again at a bar where Felipe watches Liz try to drink her sorrows away. Throughout their relationship, they encounter bumps along the road. Felipe has gone through a nasty divorce, but is open to loving again, while Liz's heart is still on lock. Eventually she makes the decision to follow what her heart is feeling, rather than listening to the scattered thoughts that her mind is thinking. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about chasing her dreams (2:10-3:00) Movie trailer Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Eat, Pray, Love after an emotionally draining, yet rewarding period of time in her life. She had just experienced a divorce but had gone to Italy, India, and Indonesia on a journey of self-discovery. Elizabeth kept a journal while traveling but did not write her book until after she had returned home to New York City. Gilbert was 36 years old when she wrote the book. When and Where? Background Info Eat, Pray, Love was Elizabeth Gilbert's fourth published book. Before Eat, Pray, Love, Gilbert had written three other published books: Pilgrims, Stern Men, and The Last American Man. Eat, Pray, Love is Gilbert's most well-known book, selling over seven million copies world-wide. Eat, Pray, Love was made into a movie in 2010 and was extremely popular. Book Reviews From Jennifer Egan of the New York Times: This book review reveals that Eat, Pray, Love is a story written by a very likeable, intelligent author. The review tells the reader that the book says a lot about the author's personality from both a humorous and relate able standpoint. In the review, Egan states that, "At its best, the book provides an occasion for Gilbert to unleash her fresh, oddball sensibility on an international stage." Current Status of the Author Elizabeth Gilbert is now living in Frenchtown, N.J. and she is a co-owner of Two Buttons Imports, which sells exotic wares and antiques from South Asia. She is currently writing a second memoir called "Commited: A Love Story." She is now married to a man named Jose Nunes. Jose is the man whom Liz falls in love with while she is in Bali in her book Eat, Pray, Love. Book Reviews Book Review by Erin Miller from About.com: This book review reveals that Eat, Pray, Love is a story that could seem self-indulgent, but is told in a way that is humorous and the book is a page turner. The review tells that the book is thoughtful as well. One bad thing that the book review reveled was that Liz started to drag the book out a bit in Indonesia and it wasn't as easy to stay interested. Book Reviews From Emlyn Chand of BookReviews.com: This book review reveals that Eat, Pray, Love is the kind of book that is easy to read because the way Elizabeth Gilbert speaks of her experiences sounds like the way a friend would speak to you. It reveals that Eat, Pray, Love contains so much descriptive language and details that you actually start to crave the food and experiences that Gilbert speaks of. The author also share valuable "wisdom free of charger." "CELTICS GREEN BLOG by and for Boston Celtics Fans: The Turning Point." CELTICS GREEN BLOG by and for Boston Celtics Fans: The Turning Point. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2012. <http://celticsgreen.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-turning-point.html>.

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"Silky Hart." Silky Hart. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2012. <http://expressivehart.wordpress.com/>. Introduction The introduction of Eat, Pray, Love reveals that the book is divided into 108 tales, representing the 108 beads of the Indian japa mala. The japa mala represents balance, which is a main theme of this book. These beads are used to help the Yogis stay focused in prayerful meditation. The 108 tales are further divided into three sections, about Italy, India, and Indonesia. This division means that there are 36 tales in each section, which makes perfect sense because Gilbert wrote this book when she was 36. There is always a 109th bead on the japa mala that dangles down. This bead has the purpose of acting as a pause in meditation when you reach it with your fingers. Gilbert reveals that this intro is her own "109th bead." She then thanks many important people in her life, most importantly her Guru.
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