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Family Tree

No description

Justine Lammers

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Family Tree

Family Tree
THe Family Members
Grandmother, Aunt, Myself
Debbie Bezuyen
Mother: Carolyn Lammers
Carolyn was born November 1964. She attended Beacon Christian School. Growing up she says the same pressure that is on girls today was not on girls back then. Carolyn was "stick" thin however and tried like crazy to gain weight. "Gramma gave me milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwhiches every morning. At lunch I’d have a bag of chips and chocolate milk."
Myself: Justine Lammers
Comparison and Conclusion
Grandmother: Debbie
Mother: Carolyn
Myself: Justine
Debbie was born during WWII and her family lived in Holland. At the age of 13 Debbie moved to Canada like many other families looking for a better life. At age 17 she was already teaching a class of ____ students. When she went home she helped her board family with chores. On the weekends Debbie went home and spent time with her boyfriend Jack.
Pretty quickly while interviewing Debbie it was clear that the type of insecurity that exists today was unknown of when she was my age. Girls were not pressured to look a certain way to meet the definition of beautiful.
"I thought very little of my size and shape while growing up. I had self esteem because of my faith. I had parents who loved me. I never felt bad about myself and still do not"
Define: Beautiful
-generally pleasing
"Beauty is a highly objective thing to quantify. We develop our own individual standards of beauty, taking cues from our families, society, our peer group, and pop culture. In addition, we take into account the shifting standards of beauty over time. For example, the hourglass figure, once coveted, has fallen to the wayside in favor of an overall leaner figure. (See also the changing cast of 90210, which demonstrates that beauty standards can change remarkably within a ten-year period.)"
Pearly Whites
Thin / Athletic
Nice legs
Long hair
Small nose
Clean Skin
Smell good
Good fashion
Wear Makeup
Dye your hair
"Everyone teased eachother, it was in good fun. It was not taken so personally."
"I was a stick and I didn’t like it. I hated how people could all skinny, but not call people fat. I didn’t like how I was so flat.
Great Butt
Have Breasts

All three agreed that:

1. Confidence & Personality were major contributors and vital to beauty

2. Attracted to a nice clean smile

3. Thin>Overweight

4. Confidence is found in Christ!

5. Comparing is destructive to self perception

As generations passed...

1. Greater stress on outward appearance

2. More opportunities for "beautiful" people *mostly when looking career- related

3. Rise in obesity with time

4. Womenare becoming and have become sexualized.

When trying to define beautiful my mind has two different depictions. I honestly believe most girls are beautiful. I love when a girl is completely comfortable in her own skin and is just herself. Then there is a side of me that believes beautiful, or "hot" is this unattainable term that best describes celebrities and models with flawless skin, hair, bodies. But after thinking about it, the people I believe are perfect...are actually perfect because we only see the controlled image the media gives us. Along with that the majority of them have had different cosmetic procedures whether it be multiple rhinoplasty's or breast enhancements. If there's any flaws after the surgery and the perfect camera lighting then photoshop will fix it. In "real life " its the girls that can just have fun, and be themselves.
Handsome: When it comes to guys initially I'm drawn to dark features a nice smile, and a fit body. If they're mysterious then they got it. I'm still waiting for my Ronaldo. But honestly, although definitely nice at first, looks can be ruined by personality and someone who necessarily isn't the best looking can have a very positive image in my mind with a good personality!
Proverbs 14:26
In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence, and His children will have a refuge.
1. What was considered "beautiful" or "handsome" when you were my age?
Grandma- Beautiful: Not sure! Girls didn’t know what guys liked. We would curl our hair over night using bobby pins. Well developed?
Handsome: I was attracted to tan skin. I met grandpa at 13. Lots of girls liked him. He was tan and had a good nose Lots of dates. I had 12 dates in one year.
Mom- Beautiful: Farah Fawcett, thin, good size chest, long hair, feathered bangs,
Handsome- mullet, tight cut off jeans shorts, levis, short adidas shorts, mustaches, weight wasn’t so defined but not fat. Not overdone
Myself- Beautiful- long, thick hair, thin waist, butt, good smile, nice legs, good style, confident
Handsome- fit, cut, tall, athletic, nice hair, good smile, confident

Question 2
Was your self esteem affected by your size or shape as you were growing up?
Grandma- Thought very little of it. I had self esteem because of my faith. My parents loved me. I never felt bad about myself. Even though i should have! I couldn't speak English when i moved to Canada. One thing however, I often covered my breasts with my arms- I didn't like them sticking out.

Mom- Oh ya. I was a stick and I didn't like it. I hated how people could call people "so skinny" all the time but it was offensive to call people fat. I also didn't like how flat I was. Some of my friends and guys would sing, "Over Shirley's mountains, and over Carolyn's plains.."

Myself- Growing up I was always so thin i never felt self conscious about my weight. I remember a time being insecure about my lack of chest but it didn't really bother me too much and soon i came to appreciate the benefits of having little boobs.
Question 3
Did you engage in any "practices" to alter body shape in order to meet the "ideal" of physical beauty?
Question 4
Grandma- Nothing because we didn’t have money for that. I worked and my money went to my parents. I bought a cheap lipstick. Even now I still buy cheap makeup from the dollar store.

Mom- Not that much. Perms, little makeup at K-Mart. Spent time, not money.

Myself- . I spend a good amount of money. Usually once a year I whiten my teeth. I feel like I spend a lot on clothes but in comparison to girls my age I don’t actually think I do. I change up my hair quite a bit and that's actually very expensive. I have a gym membership. I’ve gotten laser treatments. Although there's some things i splurge on (teeth whitening, hair) other things like makeup and lotions etc I spend very little on. And in comparison to the girls i know i spend little time getting ready. I don't wear a great amount of makeup.
How much time, money and energy did you devote to making yourself "beautiful" when you were my age?
What were the primary body image influences in your life when you were my age? (friends, family, media, magazines, sports, other)
Grandma- When I was 17 I was already teaching. Marilyn Monroe was pushed in your face but I wasn’t affected by it. My older sisters were probably my biggest influence. I would see what they would wear and love it!

Mom- Movies, tv shows, friends- Charlies Angels. (3 hottest chicks ever), Happy Days, friends- positive and negative…always comment on “oh you’re so skinny” ..more compliments in high school

Myself- For myself I’m probably influenced by my oldest sister, I ‘ve always thought she was beautiful, celebrities (Jennifer Aniston) that I think are attractive, and girls I see on social media that I think are attractive and confident.

Question 6
What 2 to 4 suggestions do you have for achieving a healthy and happy body image at any age?
Grandma- Don’t snack. Have simple meals. Be content, don’t want what others have.

Mom- Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. (Proverbs 31:30)

Body, Soul. Spirit- eat healthy.

Don’t compare yourself. Don’t gauge value on others opinions.

Myself- Don't compare yourself to others. Be yourself. Find confidence in Christ. Stop trying to be flawless.
Question 8
Was there difference in treatment for those considered beautiful?
Grandma- Wasn’t such a large variety of people when I was your age. You were more judged if you were considered strange. There were plenty of jobs.

Mom- It's funny because some of the "hot shot" guys were actually unattractive..they just had confidence. There was a girl who was overweight that was made fun of.

Myself- When it comes to attention, jobs, and friends- pretty girls get it all.

Question 9
What do you think is destructive in way of having a positive self image?
Grandma- Love yourself , and your neighbour as yourself. Be thankful for all those blessings we have received. Don't always compare yourself to others( who seemingly have " better " things than we do). So be content at all times ( according to Paul ). Always go to God's word to find peace and JOY !!

Mom- If we are mostly focused on what we look like you can always find flaws-better to try and be thankful for the good things in your life. As a Christian I know I can remember God loves me not matter what and that can put things into perspective. If we are too self-focused that can make us feel worse about ourselves. different people have different things that affect their self-image-looks, weight , skin, grades in school, sports,etc.

Myself- If you always try to please people, or try being like anyone but yourself you will never be happy. Learn to love the way you were made. EVeryone is uniqye and everyone is blessed with gifts and talents. Look for beauty within someone and stop lying to yourself that you will feel beaitiful once you achieve some sort of physical mark.
Question 10
How do you define 'beautiful" in a woman and "handsome" in a man?
Grandma- Beautiful: personality, relaxed, kind, down to earth, neat Handsome: personality, man with head of hair, teeth,

Mom- Beautiful: character shines through, nice teeth, radiance
Handsome: structured features, (adam levigne) happy, nice teeth, not fat

Myself- Beautiful: a nice smile- not necessarily straight teeth. I love it when someone is confident and natural. Someone happy.
Handsome- sure of themselves, sense of humor, attracted to darker feautures and a more athletic body type but wouldn’t cross off people that didn’t make that cut. I love it when people can just let loose and really laugh. When they just laugh and laugh and their eyes light up...I just love it.

What was considered "beautiful" or "handsome" when you were my age?
Question 5
Grandma- Never. Never emphasized. If you were healthy and well. Me and all my friends were in the same boat.

Mom- Found peace in the Lord. Stopped evaluating women. I know dad loves me. Still like to stay healthy, look attractive but wouldn’t consider surgeries etc.

Myself- My perception of myself changed drastically in highschool. Grade school I was never concerned about my looks. I had my hair pulled back every day and braces and i beat up the boys! Highschool I started caring more. This probably happened because the more I tried, the more attention I received.
Was there a point in your life when your self-perception changed? If so, when and why?
Question 7
Grandma- Never. Still don’t. If I ever watch my weight it’s only because I don’t want to buy new clothes.

Mom- Yes, I tried like crazy to gain weight. Gramma gave me milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwhiches every morning. At lunch I’d have a bag of chips and chocolate milk. My friends and I would sing a song.. “We must, we must, we must increase our bust!..” At my wedding I was referred by some guy friends as the "broomstick" (I however had turned both of those guys down)

Myself- . Like I said before I can’t gain weight… I exercise to feel better. I may exercise my butt once in a while to enhance that, but other than that not much. I do own push up bras!
"Confidence is found in Christ"
Western Culture Style
After completeing this project it was crazy to see how over the years cultures view of beauty has changed. My grandmother never had to feel the way that all girls do today. Girls today are being taught that beauty is solely outward. It's depressing. The way girls are sexualized today is sick. While talking to my grandmother and listening to her answers I couldn't even imagine or relate to them. It seems like some far off dream. Things were simple and girls were treated with respect, viewed in ways of marriage while today girls are often viewed in selfish, lustful ways. My mother's generation seemed much more simple as well. She talked of how people did often tease eachother but it was in good fun. She often tells me that she can't believe the pressures girls face today. It makes me sad thinking of the way women are treated. I often just hope that it's just the age I am at. I can't believe the ways guys talk about girls...as if they don't have feelings but are just there to serve their own perverted purposes. The media through these generations has changed drastically and I am appalled by many of the ways they interpret women, and lately men. While the world's view of beauty is quickly turning sicker and sicker my family's view has remained stagnate. My family's faith brings us a solid, freeing and unchanging description of real, everlasting beauty. And this project has only made me further realize the importance of this. I do not want to spend my life trying to become beautiful. I was created beautiful already, and have a beautiful purpose, family and future!

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