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Future Technologies!

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Future Technologies!

Future Technologies!
iPad Pro
The iPad Pro is going to be the iPad of 2014. The iPads width will be 12.9inches.
I think the ipad will be good but it will be expensive and way to big for a child to play on.
Windows 9
Windows 9 is nearing our computers/laptops this 2014. Windows 8 was a disaster but windows are going to make windows 9 better.
My opinion on this is it looks good but it will be too expensive to upgrade.
Flying Solar Panels
These are flying solar panels. They collect energy from the sun from inside your house. My opinion on this is I think it is going to be a good piece of technology and will reduce pollution. But I also think that it may be dangerous with young children.

This is a hovercraft. They will be out soon . I expect they will be expensive and they are flying cars. They don't go that high but I expect they will be fun to use. My opinion is that they will be cool and it will be an amazing piece of technology

iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 will be out later in 2014. As all of the other iPhones are it is a touch screen phone. Apple are one of the biggest phone companies in the world and they have created 7 iPhones with the 8th one in 2014.The iPhone will have many uses for work or just a phone in general. My opinion is it will be a good phone but it’s not essential for me.

Oled TV's

The OLED TV’s will be out in later 2014 . These OLED TV’s are supposed to curve to the Earth to make it look more realistic like your watching from the curve of the world. My opinion ion this I think is cool but I think other TV's are much more affordable

By Katie Walters
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