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Evidence for Sea-Floor Spreading

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kevin buran

on 2 February 2011

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Transcript of Evidence for Sea-Floor Spreading

Sea-Floor Spreading What is it? 1. The sea floor spreads apart at the mid-ocean ridge. 2. New crust is added as magma rises upwards. 3. Basically, the ocean floor is moving apart in opposite directions, much like a conveyor belt. What Evidence do we have? 1. Molten Material:

Pillow lava is erupting along the mid-ocean ridge.

This shows that new ocean floor is continuously being created. 2. Magnetic Stripes:

Magma pours out of the mid-ocean ridge.

The magma hardens into rock.

Minerals in the rock record reversals of Earth's magnetic field.

The magnetic memory shows an alternating pattern of north-south-north-south.

The pattern is a mirror image on both sides of the mid-ocean ridge. 3. Drilling Samples (Rock Ages)

The Glomar Challenger has taken rock samples from the ocean floor.

The rocks near the mid-ocean ridge are younger.

The rocks far away from the mid-ocean ridge are older.
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