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The Human Body Romina

No description


on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of The Human Body Romina

Human Body

Riding Bycicle

By: Romina

How 2 body systems help me do this activite
1: One of my body's system helps me do this
activity is Skeletory system because with out
my bones I couldn't move.
2: The second body system that helps
me do this activitie is Digestive because
when I drink water the calcium of the water gets into my bones and to when I drink milk it makes
my bones stronger

3: The therd body system that lets
me do this activitie is brain system
because it sends a message to my
skeletory system to move. Like for
exsample you don't have to say " Bones
How 2 body systems are connected
1: Skeletal and digestive are connected
because if you don't had digestive system
your bones would be very weak.
2: Brain System and skeletal system
are connected because the brain sends
a message to the skeletal system to move.
Healthy choice to keep my body healthy
I can keep my body healthy by
eating more healthy things like
eating fruits and vegetables
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