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Classroom Discipline & Craig Seganti

No description

Ali Rund

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Classroom Discipline & Craig Seganti

Classroom Discipline & Craig Seganti
Chapter 11 Rob, Briana, Nicole, Kaitlyn, & Ali Teacher Attitude Actions: Make good rules & enforce them without fail. No explanations needed.

Warnings: If you want to avoid students trying to manipulate you, forget the warnings.

Rewards: A good education is the primary reward students get for their efforts & the only one that really counts.

Speaking: Learn how to talk effectively with students.
Student Accountability Leverage Management Tactics Putting Seganti's Appraoch Into Effect Class Scenarios Every possible behavior that concerns your class should be addressed in your rules.

Rule 1: You are to enter the classroom calmly and quietly and go immediately to your assigned seat. You are to sit at a 90-degree angle to your desk with your feet on the floor and good posture.

Rule 2: Students are to show respect at all times & in all manners toward staff, others, and themselves. This includes all verbal and nonverbal forms of communication, including body language, facial expression, and tone of voice.
Additional Rules:
-- Work on Task
-- Permissions & Procedures
-- Distractions
-- Teacher Requests & Directions
-- Beginning the Period
-- End of Class
-- Readiness for Work
-- System of Consequences Something at the teacher's disposal that makes students decide to follow the rules.

"Mr. Seganti's famous 15 minute detention after school"

If students do not show up for detention, they are suspended...thus, students quickly realize they simply can never get out of complying with detention.

Alternative consequences:the student is sent to another teacher's classroom, lunch time detention, or the entire class is required to re-copy the classroom rules. Organize the room arrangement
Cultivate quiet
Be at the ready
Dress professionally
Make eye contact
Give something back
to students
Organize Procedures
Listen to students
Speak in statements Educate students
Hold students accountable
for proper behavior
Hold the line
Keep'em busy
Review the rules
Assess yourself
Take care of things
Don't be manipulated Last but not least... 3 Types of Students: A, B, C
The Doorway & Establishing Expectations
Assigning Seats
Learning Students' Names
Establishing Leverage
Excluding Students:
Repeated Disruption
Gross Disrespect
Role of Administrators and Parents
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