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Air occupies space

No description

Rida Khanum

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Air occupies space

Air is everywhere but you cannot see it. Air also occupies space.

Oxygen occupies 21% of the atmosphere.
Nitrogen occupies 78% of the atmosphere.
Other gases occupy 1% of the atmosphere.
In the end, of this ppt,we can conclude that air occupies space , is around us. We can feel air but we cannot see it.
Detail 4
Air occupies space
Today we are going to learn about how air occupies space.
Lets see this with an activity.
Here are the instructions:-
Fill the big bowl with three-forth water.
Try to push the plastic cup into the water (Hint :-Push it straight)
Next,immerse the cup and then tilt it.

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