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Copy of immigration to Canada

No description

jesse presby

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of immigration to Canada


-What physical geographic factors prevented people from settling?
Which part of Canada was the most common region to settle in?
-Why was this the best place to settle from 1815- 1914?
Did immigrants want to come to
Canada in between 1815-1914's?

-The Dominion Lands Act was added to the 1872 piece of legislation that granted a quarter section of free land.

- Any settler 21 years or older paid a $10.00 registration fee.

-Before 1914, some 170,000 Ukrainians, 115,000 Polish and tens of thousands of others settled in Canada.

- They came from Germany, France, Norway and Sweden.
-French and British immigrants settled along the Atlantic Coast.
-Upper Canada was defined as the English speaking
and Lower Canada the French speaking Province.
-Southern Northern Western Canada were the start
of the development of Canada
- The Atlantic Coast was one of the best places for early settlement .
- Canada's falling sea levels allowed people to discover more land, ice still covered most of Alaska.

- Once the glaciers began melting more people moved North and West in Canada.
- Most immigrants wanted to come to Canada for its wide open spaces, cheap farm land and opportunities.

- The prairies were open for settlement, there was an increase in advertising for people to migrate to Canada..

An immigrant attraction
photo, to lure people to
come to Canada
Early farming in Canada

- Canada was settled from east to west.

- Many immigrants landed on the east coast by ship and settled along the St. Lawrence river moving west shipping.

-The cold harsh winter climates with very little to eat in the winter would deter many immigrants.

- Slow travel due to mountains, lakes and rivers slowed very many immigrants in there travels west.

- Many settlements were small and far apart making the population thin.
Jesse Presby.
- Immigrant Arrivals in Canada 1852 1960
Common travel for immigrants in 1850.
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