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Lemon Tree Hierarchy


HeadStart Institute Pvt. Ltd.

on 28 December 2017

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Transcript of Lemon Tree Hierarchy

Patu Keswani
Jagdish Kumar Chawla
Executive Vice President - Projects & Engineering Services
Assistant Vice President-Finance
Vikramjit Singh
President & Chief Revenue Officer
Vice President -Human Resources
Chairman & Managing Director
Davander Singh Tomar
Executive Vice President - Corporate Affairs
President-Sustainability Initiatives
EVP - Finance & CFO
Naresh Chander Malhotra
Vice President- Projects & Engineering Services
COO-North & Central
Rajesh Kumar
General Manager-Human Resources
Sareena Kochar
Inder Pal Batra
Assistant Vice President - Finance
Ajai Kumar
Chief Information Officer
Sumant Jaidka
Aradhana Lal
Kapil Sharma
Rajiv Tyagi
R Hari
Management Team - Humans
Management Team - K9
Sparky Keswani
Vice Chairdog, Lemon Tree Hotels,
Company Mascot & Senior Food Critic
Artificer Polytechnus Keswani aka Street Arthur
Executive Assistant to Vice Chairdog
Lottery aka Lot Tree
Associate, K9 squad
Udyog Vihar - Gurgaon
Potty aka Pot Tree
Bobby aka Bob Tree Dogarante
Beach Hound and Junior Food Critic (Grade II A) - GOA
Tommy aka Tom Tree
Nip'n'run aka Nipper
Accounts Associate, K9 squad - Indore
Knotty aka Not-yet-a-Tree
Associate, K9 Squad - Ahmedabad
Snippy aka Snippet-of-a-Tree
Associate, K9 squad
Electronics City Bengaluru
Snuggles aka Eat Tree
K9 Squad - Ulsoor Lake Bengaluru
Splotch Aka Caesar
Stardust - K9 Squad
Lemon tree Premier Gurgaon
Horticulture Associate, K9 squad - Hyderabad
K9 Squad
Top Dog, Guest Protection Services, Pune Region
Training Associate - Aurangabad
Associate, K9 Squad - Kerala
Canine Resource Associate, K9 squad Chennai
Patu Keswani
Cyrus Madan
Vice President - Housekeeping
Rajeev Janveja
Corporate Chef
Deputy Managing Director
Rattan Keswani
S' Paw
Spouse Of Potty - Aurangabad
Chief Operating Offier-Carnation Hotels
Geeta Jetley
AVP Operations -
Carnation Hotels
COO-South, East &West
Prashant Mehrotra
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