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NS resume

No description

nada skockova

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of NS resume

..an experienced Marketing Manager/Field Enablement Leader
Years of studying
Comenius University
Master of Education, French and Spanish
Université Marc Bloch Strasbourg
Institute of Translators, Interpreters and International Relationships
University of Economics
Business school of Bratislava
Marketing, Management and Economics
Marketing Leadership Development Program
Duke University
Years of professional experience
External Relations Education
Customer care
8 years
1 year
Embassy of France
Chargé de mission for distribution of funds
Selection of candidates
Promotion initiatives
Alumni brochure
MLDP content:
Forward Looking Insights Shanghai 2011
Innovation That Matters Singapore 2010
Finance in Marketing Paris 2010
International Marketing Vienna 2010
Consulting Concepts Paris 2010
Brand Ambassador Armonk US, 2009

Generating Value in Marketing Southampton 2008
IT Skills
MS Office pack
Lotus Notes
Prezi. Infographics. Animations
Hobbies and Interests
English, French, Spanish
Arabic, German
landscape design
+421 918 666 344
Marketing Manager for Central and Eastern Europe Cloud and Managed Services
Marketing Manager for Middle East and Africa for Data Centers Services
Marketing Budget and Resources Lead EMEA SWG
3 years
Customer care - Travel agency representative Egypt
Satur Travel, Ruefa Reisen, Kartago tours
Architecture Design

I am the 2nd Slovak in the 15-year history of the program! And the last one so far.
sponsored by
If you are searching for...
Congratulations! You have just found the match.
Field Enablement Leader for Central and Eastern Europe
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