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Old Salem Utopia

No description

austin baker

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Old Salem Utopia

Marriage Guidelines
These are the marriage guidelines. The slave marriages were not legally true in the south, but they gained a certain sanction in the communities. Married couples were allowed each their own homes. That is how the people got married in Old Salem. Now we go to the family guidelines.
This is about the utopian society Old Salem,Winston-Salem,NC. Old Salem was a utopian society which means perfect. I will be talking about what the customs of the town. Now lets get started with this peice of history
Basic Laws
These are the basic laws of Old Salem. One of the rules there are that photographers must respect the rights of the property. Another rule is to not interfere with the town's visitors experience or access to the town. The next rule is to not obstruct sidewalks or street. The last rule is to never harm people. Now to the marriage guidelines
Family Guidelines
These are
Old Salem Utopia
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