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SalesCloud update

No description

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of SalesCloud update

The aim of today's session is to introduce and demonstrate some amended or new processes:

Exhibition lead allocation and follow up
Webshop registration follow up
Conference feedback recording
Catalogue hard copy request recording
SalesCloud update
The marketing team is responsible for lead upload post event
Or, the marketing team is responsible for creation and deployment of a pardot data capture form
Sales are responsible for following up leads, and recording this in SalesCloud
Exhibition lead allocation and follow up
Example Pardot form
Process flow
Webshop registrants are examples of
- prospects that by their actions have given a clear signal of their interest
Webshop registration follow up
Webshop registration process
Conference feedback should now be entered directly into SalesCloud using the 'Conference feedback' object
This replaces any word templates used previously
The marketing team will create the record, (adding in the appropriate campaign code) and send the link to the person responsible for completing the feedback
Please enter your feedback in English
Conference feedback
The Standards task layout now includes an option to record catalogue sends
Please use a task to record when a hard copy catalogue has been sent to a customer or prospect
This gives us visibility on where the catalogues are being sent
No need to create a separate task - you can add this data into an existing task
Catalogue hard copies
Amanda Russell and Kathleen Lehnigk
What's next for Standards' Salesforce?
Questions and feedback
Audit of our current usage
'Healthcheck' performed by Salesforce
Strategic review with recommendations on best practice
Standards user group reinstated to advise on use cases and implementation
Dealing with leads in SalesCloud
Convert a lead when you have taken action - and record a task/email/meeting as appropriate
If required, also create an opportunity
If you decide a lead should not be followed up, check the 'dead end' box and fill in a reason
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