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Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods (1986)

No description

Geoff Gingerich

on 16 January 2019

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Transcript of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods (1986)

Stephen Sondheim's
Into the Woods

Theatrical Conventions
The Way Out
Is there one?
Baker's Wife
Cinderella's Prince
Jack's Mother

Rapunzel's Prince
Little Red Riding Hood
Main Characters:
A deep woods outside of a magic kingdom.
Source Material:
Brothers Grimm fairy tales.
This is NOT Disney
Act I combines the traditional stories of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel with a tale involving a Baker, his Wife, and the Witch from next door. Each character must go "into the woods" to get their wish. The characters' stories intermingle in various ways as they use different methods to achieve their goals.

Act II deals with the consequences of Act I.

The woods change from light to dark in the course of the show.
good vs. bad vs.
family roles
the fourth wall
people burst into song
actors play multiple characters
Isn't it nice to know a lot?
And a little bit not.
How do you ignore
All the witches,
All the curses,
All the wolves, all the lies,
The false hopes, the
The reverses,
All the wondering what
even worse is
Still in store?
My father's house was a nightmare. Your house is a dream. Now I want something in between.
You're so nice.
You're not good,
You're not bad,
You're just nice.
I'm not good,
I'm not nice,
I'm just right.

Must it all be either less or more,
Either plain or grand?
Is it always "or"?
Is it never "and"?
That's what woods are for:
For these moments in the woods
Do the characters even want one?
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