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Dawn by Elie Wiesel

No description

Charlotte Miltimore

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Dawn by Elie Wiesel

Themes & Symbolism
Dawn - executions of Jews & hostages
Eyes - represent death
Ghosts - represent important people from Elisha's past
Silence - represents judgement

second book in the "Night" trilogy
published in 1961
continues to describe experiences and stories during and after the Holocaust
takes place in Palestine after the second world war
the Jews and British are at war with eachother
the main character, Elisha, is Jewish and stayed at the Buchenwald concentration camp
was brought to Paris immediately after war
he met Gad
Old Man : controls the Movement
decided to have "reprisals"
chooses Elisha to kill John Dawson

David ben Moshe : one of the fighters in the Movement who was injured
sentenced to be death by hanging

Ilana : radio announcer on the 'Voice of Freedom' channel
her identity is unknown by the public
in love with Gad
Summary continued...
Elisha joins Movement & moves to Palestine with Gad
becomes terrorist
David ben Moshe gets sentenced to hanging
Movement kidnaps Captain John Dawson
Elisha is ordered to murder John Dawson
visited by the ghosts of his past
at dawn, he must execute John Dawson
Main Characters
Elisha : almost 19
gets recruited to the movement by Gad
gets chosen to be the executioner of John Dawson

Gad: found Elisha in Paris & recruited him into the Movement
constantly says, "Don't torture yourself, this is war"
in love with Ilana

John Dawson: kidnapped by the Movement
English army officer
held hostage by the Movement & is to be murdered by Elisha
Dawn by Elie Wiesel
Ironic Symbolism/Themes
Fear - Elisha's fear to murder John Dawson
- the english are afraid of the Jews

Elisha's name - disciple of the prophet Elijah
Comparison between Night & Dawn
main characters lose family
loss of belief in God/religion
guns being pointed
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