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Educational Robots

My partner, Shulina and I will be presenting the factors of educational robots.

Yahaira Palmer

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Educational Robots

Educational robots are robots that are utilized for for a school or teaching experience. In the 1980’s a robot aimed at the consumer and educational robots' market called Topo was designed by Androbot Inc, a Nolan Bushnell Company. Topo was programmable using either the Apple II operating system or a modified “Logo” programming language, which used an infrared programming transmitter attached to a personal computer. The programmable language allowed the robot to move around the room in a series of geometrical movements and perform tasks, such as “speaking” to humans. What Is Educational Robots? Educated robots are mainly found in places that needs special teachings or school guidance. But , They are mainly global. Where Are Educational Robots Used? What Human Function Does The Robots Simulate ? The robots simulates many different functions like; talking and having the teaching ability and experience towards children in schools or at homes. How Are They Taught To Perform Their Task ? The educational robots are taught to perform their tasks; when a technician of their sort comes and computerize a small chip with information on it in their backs so they could operate properly, throughout all the other things they have to do. By: Shulina W. & Yahaira P. Educational Robots What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages They Have? The advantanges are they can save our nation. No chinese, vietnamese, or Indonesian can outwork a robot. They work 24 hours a day for the price of electricity and capital cost payments with no holidays, breaks, holidays, vacations, depression and emotional problem, no demand on human resources and benefits, no 401k, and no theft. Robots are precise, much faster than humans, make very few mistakes and quality control can be programmed right into the robot. The disadvantages are it is difficult to imagine every task that a human performs and make a program and circuit to mimic that task. Human motion and also the ability to adapt to changing circumstances are what make humans unique.
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