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Farewell Alana

This Prezi template can be used for a number of presentations. Here it is used to show the progress of a business or to show a business proposal plan. The text in this Prezi can be easily altered in order to include your own information and ideas!

Kendall McCabe

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Farewell Alana

Farewell Alana
Research And Proposals Manager
Research and Proposals Coordinator
Salesforce Admin
Attended Dreamforce conference
Completed ICFJ Salesforce overhaul
Alana has worn many hats during her time at ICFJ, and we will miss her dearly!
Program Manager!?
Alana began her journey at ICFJ as a
Research and Proposals Coordinator.
Then, because of her great work, she was
promoted to Research and Proposals Manager!
In her new position, she dove into learning the intricacies of Salesforce, and she quickly spread the database love throughout ICFJ.
4 ever!
She also got pulled in to help manage ICFJ programs
and create their budgets.
Now, she's headed to work at the Smithsonian!

...and don't worry, she
alrady checked. They use Salesforce!!!
...maybe a little too much!?
There is no such thing as too much database love!
I did all that in just 4 years?
Created program
Helped ICFJ
secure new grants
...maybe even a little too much.
Too much Salesforce love?
My favorite Alana memory is when she came to the 2013 ICFJ Halloween party at Patrick’s house with a dinosaur hat on and a
homemade tee-shirt that had “YOLO” scrawled on it.

I’m still not quite sure what that costume
was supposed to be…but it was pure Alana.
Now, for a little
guessing game...
My fondest memory of Alana is the time that she and I accompanied the Russian journalists on their trip to various news organizations across the United States. Terrorists attacked the plane and killed the entire crew. Everyone was in a panic, and the plane started plummeting to the ground. Alana dispatched several terrorists with her amazing karate moves and stormed into the cockpit. She took control and managed to land the plane with only a few bounces when we hit the runway. Man, that girl can do anyth… Oh, wait. This was a movie I saw on Netflix last night starring Scarlett Johansson. Never mind. But still, Alana really is amazing.
I'll never forget having to literally drag Alana away from Ann Curry (her hero). You can see how much Alana loves her...
I have lots of memories.
I’ll go with  “The time Alana was a bridesmaid…
oh wait, that was all the time”

One extremely fond memory I have of Alana was the ‘Granola Prince’ saga. Alana discovered some cute boy out one night in DC and later found out that his family owned a small granola company in like Vermont or Connecticut thus making him, in my mind, the heir to the family granola business and thus a prince.

She ordered a few of their mixes, trail packs, etc. and they arrived over the course of a few weeks. I wasn’t aware that she had ordered them and I thought this was a gesture by the Granola Prince, a courting ritual. I kept making allusions to the day that the granola prince would arrive at ICFJ to sweep her off her feet and take her to his Granola Kingdom to live happily ever after.
Alana: Future Granola Princess?
That time she invited us to her
"friend's Halloween Party" and
it turned out to be the
party of the century
(and I know Halloween parties).
That time we listened to a southern woman
talk at us for eight hours about what it
means to be managers.
Once, a few days before Alana’s birthday, I happened to overhear that it was coming up. So the morning of her big day arrived, and I got a balloon and some other stuff, and had it all set up at her desk when she arrived.
She seemed very pleased. However, I did it anonymously, little knowing as the day went on that Alana was asking all around about where her surprise came from. As our colleagues, one after another, denied any knowledge of the deed, she was getting steadily more and more creeped out.
I finally got wind of her search for the guilty party and confessed, much to Alana’s relief!  

A few more ICFJ memories...
If you think the Texts From Last Night site is entertaining,
those are nothing compared to Texts From Alana At Dreamforce...
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