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Gas masks in WW1

No description

Sandra Gilmartin

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Gas masks in WW1

Germany Gas types: Mustard gas:
first used in 1917
no smell
took 12 hours to take effect
remained in soil for several weeks
cause internal burns
extremly powerful
mustard colour British Masks! British gas masks were much better than German, they had filters that were in a haversack, worn around the chest. Interesting facts! German gas masks The German gas masks had a filter in the drum in from of the mouth. Resolution Britain Gas in WW1 Germany Vs Britain Chlorine gas:
men were drowned from the inside
burns appeared all over the body
temporary blindness was a side effect Phosgene gas:
similar to chlorine gas
less couging involved
2 days to live once inhaled
silent killer( victims didnt know that they were dying) The masks in Britain were usually made of canvas with shatterproof eye pieces.It also hada valve whichallowed the wearer to breath out normally. All of the gas masks given to the soldiers were tested numerous times to make sure they were in working order. There was no faulty ones, and no deaths due to faulty masks. It was uncomfortable to wear because it was made of heavily oiled leather. Because of the awkward mouth piece they were difficult to fight in.

Many were faulty and troops fell to the ground in suffocation. 90,000 men were killed die to gas
Gas was extremely unpredictable, the wind often changed
In the First World War almost 60,000 tons of gas was used as a weapon by all sides
It is generally assumed that gas was first used by the Germans in World War One. This is not accurate. The first recorded gas attack was by the French.
German gas masks were completely different from British ones in many ways, and although they were worse Germany didnt bother to upgrade them.
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