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Out of my mind by Sharon Draper

my literacy circle book

Victoria Ospin

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Out of my mind by Sharon Draper

Out of my Mind!!
Traits :
Personality- Very smart, nice, and understanding
Physical - can't walk, can't talk, can't write, can't do anything but roll over
Written by:
Sharon M. Draper
Mrs. V
Place : Mostly at home, school, and Mrs. V's house
Time: Possible around a whole
school year.
The main problem in the story is that Melody is intelligent but, nobody knows because she can't talk.
Prezi made by :
Victoria Ospin
Personality: hard- working, out spoken
Physical: Young beautiful mother
Personality: Man of the house, helpful
Physical: Tall, strong
Personality: Playful, happy, and energetic
Physical: Short, pretty, 2 year old girl who loves Melody a lot.
One of the most exciting events of the story was when Melody got accepted into the Whiz Kids Quiz team.
The other exciting thing that happened was when Melody got the Medi-Talker.
There are two exciting parts in the story.....
The resolution is Mrs. V gets Melody the Medi-Talker and she is able to type in what she wants to say and it will say it.
In the beginning of the story is when Melody is going into the Fifth grade and how she is put into a different classroom because of her disability. She meets a lot of people that has disabilitys like her. Melody meets a girl named
She is nice and normal. She talks to Melody like nothing is wrong. Melody understands everything she says but can't respond.
In the middle of the story is when Melody's mom has a baby. Her name is Penny. She is always happy and she is normal. Even though Penny knows Melody isn't "normal", She loves her a lot. One day when Penny and Melody was at Ms. V's house , a special delivery came. It was Melody's Medi-Talker!!!!! The Medi-Talker is a device that helps Melody through life. It helps her talk. She types it and it will say it out loud. It helps Melody through school a lot.
This book was a very interesting book.I liked the book a lot compared to other books.I recommend this book to many children my age to read and understand that we can do the simplest things like talk while, other people find it hard. We also need to recognize that most people take this for granted while others are struggling to say a vowel. Most people are trapped in their minds while others are abusing their powers to talk or walk.
Sequence of Events
Personality: A determined woman to help Melody.
Physical: Tall, dark hair, and light skinned.
In the end of the story is when Melody gets accepted in the Whiz Team. They compete against another school and they win, Melody was suppose to go to Washington but the flight was cancelled because of the weather. They rest of the team went to Washington because they got to the airport extra early and they got to get on an earlier flight. nobody called Melody and told her to come to the airport. So the next day Melody wanted to go to school. While her mom was getting her in the car to drop her at school, Melody noticed that Penny ran out the house and Melody started to scream and kick but, her mother didn't know what melody was screaming. she backed up the car and ran over Penny. Penny wen to the hospital. Mrs. V watched Melody while penny was in the hospital. Melody was worried about Penny but Penny was alright. She just had A broken leg. Melody is almost eleven and.......She has never spoken a single word.
The Ending
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