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Ghana Low HDI

No description

Trevin Roberts

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Ghana Low HDI

Ghana Homes Basic Info Capital is Accra
23,837,000 people
$1,571 per capita
65% adult literacy rate
Life expectancy at birth is 57 Markets Food Schools The first market is in the capital which esplains why it is so much more modernize than the second mark on the left. Roads and Cars Speculations to Ghana's Low HDI Ghana is listed as number 152 on the Global HDI rankings. There are currently 190+ independent nations in the world, so obviously Ghana fairs off better than many other countries. That being said, there are some reason that Ghana most likely has a low HDI. One reason would have to be that the average amount of money made per capita is not nearly high enough. Also, Ghana is in the region of western Africa which has faced many conflicts and is now starting to develop. Another reason is that the amount of medical treatment available to people in Ghana is much too low. Yet another reason is that Ghana is still behind technologically and in an educational aspect. There is also an issue of death rates among children and food availability to the poor. As Ghana develops more and catches up more technologically, it should fare better and rise in HDI rankings because food should be more accessible to its poor people and it should be able to provide sufficient medical care.
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