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amparo Benítez

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of japón

The perfect place to travel: JAPAN!
now that you know what you should and shouldn't do. we`ll tell you what activities you can do
it is better to learn basic words in Japanese like:
arigato (Thanks)
sumimasen (excuse me)
ohayo gozaimasu (good morning)
and others...
japan is a different and a little strange country but you shouldn't scare. Japanese are very polite and help you when you need it
be polite, learn customs to not be ignorant
you should carry different season clothes because the weather changes quickly
Japan is a country with a lot of beautiful culture
in this journey you can discover an amazing
place, Japan has many activities to do, There are some things you should know
ohayo goazimasu>>good morning
konnichiwa>>good afternoon
konbanwa>>good night
o genki desu ka>> how are you?
arigato>> thank
matta ne> see you later
sayonara> goodbye
gomen>> I'm sorry
some basic words
for example:
when you enter in a house you should
take your shoes off because it is a way of respect
the host of the house.

when you meet a strange person you should bow and give a presentation card
for example:
during the day you wear a
T-shirt and the following day you wear a
at last the most important:
discover a new culture,
try new foods, and don't forget to enjoy and have fun!

Martial arts
In japan you can practice a lot of martial arts.
When you go to japan don't forget to go to the theater. the most popular style of the japanese theater is the kabuki (or bunraku) the kabuki shows a lot of amazing choreographs about the japanese culture and history telling about the samurais, kind, geisha (japanese ladies) gods and heroes, the most curious thing is that the japanese actors are only men, theater is one of the activities you can't miss. It is a fascinating show for a all family or for a theater lovers.
japan is popular for the food, these dishes are very complicated to do and are absolutely traditional. It is an experience and impossible to ignore.
places and cities to go
The onigiri is a ball of rice witch a lase of sushi down
the ramen is a traditional dish. It is a kind of noodles with a sauce
made of sake (japanese drink)
is one of the most big cities in the country was the capital. In her you can visiting the castle of osaka, the aquarium that is wonderful, the bays with his artificial islands and also the museums with his different themes, you can visit big temples like:

the temple of shitennoji
the temple sumiyoshi taisha
It is a great commercial port, his principal attractions are: the Chinese neighborhood, the western neighborhood with his mansions to the European style, the wharf of osanbashi and the museum of the ramen
Chinese neighborhood
wharf of osanbashi
You should travel in the winter, if you travel in this epoch of the year, it will be able to enjoy the festival of the snow with his amazing sculptures
It is the capital of the country, is a modern and very big city, in her you can walk along the principal streets,you can't miss a visit to the gardens of the imperial palace, the park yoyogi, the museum ghibli, and the incredible mount fuji
mount fuji
gardens of the imperial palace
park yoyogi
in osaka
It is a great hotel near the mall, his rooms are wide and clean all they have tv, Internet and service to the quarter.
In Sapporo
This Sapporo hotel is located near the center of the city. Guests will be able to find many places to shop and dine in the area around the Ana Hotel Sapporo. They can also find places to enjoy the local nightlife. The hotel is only a little over a mile to the Fukuoka Airport, and it is only 2 miles from the Hakata Pier. Guests that stay at the Ana Hotel Sapporo will be able to find public transportation to take them to the airport and to other areas. They can walk to some destinations as well.
In Yokohama
1 minute walk from JR Kannai station. Best suited for both leisure and business. The Chinatown, Yokohama Stadium, Isezaki Mall within walking distance. All guestrooms equipped with free wired and wireless Internet access. Rooms at Hotel Wing International Yokohama Kannai are simple but modern, with neutral tones and wood furnishings. The front desk is staffed 247 and offers rental laptops as well as a luggage storage service. A free-use microwave and coin launderette are on site.
In Tokio
Stop at International Garden Hotel Narita to discover the wonders of Tokyo. The property features a wide range of facilities to make your stay a pleasant experience. Service-minded staff will welcome and guide you at the International Garden Hotel Narita. Relax in your comfortable room.
In japan you can go to a heap of concerts to enjoy the Japanese bands like:
Japanese festivals are traditional festive occasions. Some festivals have their roots in Chinese festivals but have undergone dramatic changes as they mixed with local customs.
Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival
This festival features a moss-covered cave, which has evergreen draped on the inside and is covered in ice (Gianola, 2008). This festival is held from late January to mid February. This festival features ice sculptures, small and large. At night the sculptures are illuminated by different colored lights. There is a fireworks show during the festival as well. Admission is free. Amasake (hot sake) is available for purchase to enjoy (2008 Ministry of Land).
This event is held every year. Thousands of artists from all over Tohoku and even further regions come to Nango to perform. This is the largest open-air jazz concert held in Tohoku region. This festival began in 1989, in a small venue indoors. There was such a large response from the fans that is was expanded into a large annual festival. One must purchase tickets for this event (Bernard, 2007). This summer jazz festival doesn't cost anything but you still need to receive a ticket to enter.
Nango Summer Jazz Festival
Japan celebrates the entire season of the cherry blossoms. All over Japan festivals are held which include food and at night beautiful lanterns.
Cherry blossom festivals
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