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Johann Pachelbel

All you need to know about Taco Bell. Er...Pachelbel.

Emily Coll

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Johann Pachelbel

Pachelbel was born in Germany on Sept. 1, 1653
Died March 9, 1706
Father was a wine dealer, so he wasn't very wealthy growing up
Pachelbel enrolled himself in university at Altdorf but had to leave a year later due to insufficient funds
Pachelbel was employed as a court organist in Eisenhack, Predigerkiche, & Stuttgart
Fun Facts The Baroque Period: Johann Pachelbel Team Silver Dorie Clevenger
Emily Coll
Ethan Daggett
Damon Detamore
Krystal Eckart Pachelbel wrote mainly for the organ and for chamber music (meant for small groups of instruments that could fit in a palace room), and his works were central in the development of keyboard and Protestant church music
Pachelbel was married to a woman named Barbara Gabler, with whom he had a son.
Both died in 1683 due to a plague, so he remarried to Judith Drommer, with whom he had seven children
Several of his children also chose a career in music; two of his children became organists, another turned out to be an instrument maker, and one of his daughters became a painter and engraver
Pachelbel only published a few of his compositions at a time because it required copper engraving which was very expensive The Bach Family and Pachelbel Pachelbel was close friends with Johann Sebastian Bach, and was a heavy influence on him
Johann Christoph Bach, Sebastian's younger brother, was Pachelbel's student
Pachelbel became the Bach's guardian after the death of their parents
Composer. Musician. Teacher. Father. 3 Compositions: Toccata in C-minor
Chaconne in F-minor Canon in D Toccata's were typically written for keyboard instruments to emphasize the dexterity of the musician's fingers a dance-like composition based on variations of chords in a bass-line
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