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Group Project

Nancy Duncanson

Nancy Duncanson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Group Project

Bachelor's in business with concentration in accounting Macomb Community College
Walsh University "Drink the Water!" Expanding RAC Inc. into Mexico Customs and Behaviors Employment Imports currency Peso ($1.00 = 12.28 MXN)
disposable income ($6,872 per capita)
GDP -6.5%
GNP 25% tourism industry
unemployment 5.6%
underemployment 25%
trademark laws Expand a warehouse to one location
Evaluate consumption for bottled water
Consider developing a desalanation plant Prepared by:
N3D Consulting

Nancy Duncanson
Daniel Marsh
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Sizemore RAC Inc. Competitors If RAC does expand... work schedules
forms of address
nonverbal communication
common gestures and expressions Recommendations Conclusion Expand RAC Inc. References Coca-cola
Danone Topics Covered RAC Inc.
market for water
customs and behaviors
economy and legal concerns
future recommendations
market for water Politics Economy and Legal Concerns presidential power
political parties
trade agreements Location Assumptions similar to other companies
inexpensive water purification
Mexico's economy and political climate remain stable resources to conduct research
inability to travel
contacts Limitations expand business globally World consumption of bottled water (Beverage Marketing Corporation, 2010) Mexico City's unemployment rate (Mexico Country Profile, 2010) (Central Intelligence Agency, 2009) (Mexican Country Profile, 2010) (Barclay, 2006) (Malat, 2008) (Carlson, 2007)
(Commanding Heights, 2000) (USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, 2009)
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