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Prezi Spotify Presentation

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Jane Smith

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of Prezi Spotify Presentation

McDonaldisation - A Case Study On SPOTIFY
‘Increased control of humans through the utilization of nonhuman technologies’ .
Stabilizes the other three dimensions.

Divided into three parts:
Controlling Employees
Controlling Consumers
Controlling the process and product
McDonaldisation -
A Case Study of SPOTIFY
Controlling Employees
Controlling Customers
Controlling Customers
Controlling the Process and Product
“The process by which the principles of the fast food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world”

Ritzer, G. 2011. The McDonaldization of Society

Efficiency | Calculability | Predictability | Control
Irrationality of Rationality
McDonaldisation has many powerful advantages thus it is seen as a rational system.

- e.g. using machinery over humans (Machines don’t need breaks, motivating,
can work 24 hours etc).

Eventually there will be Irrationalities / Disadvantages.

Can be thought of as a 5th component to McDonaldisation.

28 January 2010: Spotify marked as a computer virus, freezing access for millions of users.
Calculability: ‘calculating, counting, quantifying’.
Irrationality of rationality- quality of the free service adversely affected through adverts interrupting music.
Focus of calculability: size and quantity.

Calculating profit:
Number of adverts
Demand/price for Spotify ‘unlimited’ and ‘premium’
Amount of times songs can be listened to (5)
Monthly limit of listening time (10 hours)
- Increase demand for an upgraded service?
One of dimensions of McDonaldization
Efficiency can be described as
“The optimum method for getting from one
point to another”.
It allows people to accomplish tasks quickly and with less effort.
It has strong emphasis on speed
More quickly - less effort.
Not just a music application - link between you and your online social life.
Enjoy several things at the same time.
See what friends are listening to.
Stories on Facebook news feed.
Fast, Efficient and Easy
Learn while you listen.
Biographies of top artists.
All Music Guide.
Collects information about your music taste and generates the playlist itself.
Technological progress makes music application so efficient and popular - press the button on your laptop or iPhone.
“The assurance that products and services will be the same over time and in all locales.”

(George Ritzer, The McDonaldization of Society 6, 2011)
Encourage Creativity
Informal Environment
Opened own music store.
Expanded into music sharing.
Adopted a large attention grabbing logo.
Initially invite only and free.
Calculability linked with other
dimensions of McDonaldization
- Efficiency
- Predictability
- Control
Free music
Every thing in one place
Social networking
Last.fm Integration
Mobile use
The advertising
Availability of music
Search ambiguity
McDonalisation of Spotify
DeMcDonalisation of Spotify
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