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The Mortal Instruments:

No description

Kyanah-Isabelle Fabre

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of The Mortal Instruments:

The Mortal Instruments:
City of Bones
How To Be A Shadowhunter

Tools used by Shadowhunters to draw runes onto their skin, weapons, and other materials. It has a wand-like shape.
Congratulations! You have completed the terminology portion of your Shadowhunter studies.
A.K.A Nephilim

A secretive race of humans born with angelic blood to kill demons. They are hidden from the mundane world.

The Clave

Creatures that are part human and part demon. They,also, cannot bear Marks.
Normal humans

See How to Be A Wizard "muggles"
A.K.A Marks

Angelic symbols that Shadowhunters burn into skin. Runes are what give Shadowhunters their ability to kill demons.

The political party made up of all active Shadowhunters. The clave interperets the law and makes decisions to guide Nephilim.
The Council

The governing body of the Clave. They write the law which is called the Covenant.
The Circle

A group that rebelled against the Clave and it's belief. It was led by Valentine Morgenstern.

Downworlders Include...

The Children of the Moon (werewolves)

The Children of the Night (vampires)

The Children of the Lilith (warlocks)

Fair Folk (fairies)


Beings who were once mundane but went insane after recieving Marks they couldn't handle. After becoming a Forsaken, the being no longer has memory of their former existence.

The Mortal Cup

It is one of the three Mortal Instruments. Whoever drinks from the Cup becomes a Shadowhunter
"By The Angel"

Shadowhunter phrase with same meaning and purpose of mundane phrase "Oh My Gosh"

A pair of Shadowhunters who are closer than siblings and would lay down their life for one another.
The reason why mundanes can't see Shadowhunters, their weapons, or anything else they don't want mundanes to see. It is a covering spell that is usually used to fool mundanes into believing that what they're seeing is different from what they're actually seeing. To see past a glamour, you would need The Sight and training.
Seraph Blade
The primary weapon of Shadowhunters. They are used to kill demons and downworlders. When given a blade, it must be named after an existing angel. The blade is activated when it's name is called.
The Sight

The ability to see Shadowhunters, their weapons, and anything else hidden by a glamour.
The Accords

A peace treaty signed by The Clave and Downworlders in regards to how Shadowhunters and Downworlders interact with each other and mundanes.
Silent Brothers
A feared, dangerous, and powerful group of male Shadowhunters who have, to strengthen their minds, used on themselves the most powerful runes known to Nephilim.
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