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Ancient Mali

No description

Patrick Schoolcraft

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Mali

Ancient Mali Mali is located in Western Africa

Ancient Mali borders the Atlantic Ocean

Modern Mali is landlocked The main exports of Mali are Copper, Gold and Salt Ancient Mali Religion Ancient Mali history The people of Mali believe in the "Spirits of the Land." 700-1591CE There is few written history of Mali
some resources say that that area of Africa was split into three empires Mali, Ghana, Songhai
another resource says that Mali formed when Ghana fell
these civilization controlled gold trading routes through the Sahara desert
Mali's most famous king was Mansa Musa.
He led a pilgrimage to Mecca, he took gold and 60,000 people with him The Northern portion of Mali is in the Sahara desert.

The Southern Portion of Mali is made mostly of Grasslands

The Niger River flows through Mali and has a flood cycle in August and November Mali Art They created wood carvings, masks, jewelry, created musical instruments, and colorful patterns on cloth. The Sahara Desert The largest desert in the world
Is called the "Sea of the Sand "
Camels are called the "Ships of the Desert"
In Arabic, the definition of Sahara: desert Industries of Mali included



Defense: Islam was introduced by traders in the 13th century. Mansa had a direct link to the spirits and was thought to guard them. Farmers believed in the spirits the most. At the height of Mali's power it split into provinces, only thirteen were recorded.

Mali fell much like the roman empire. After Mali fell apart it separated in to different countries. Mali Architecture Since Mali has a lot of vegetation, they have a larger population. Mali is rainy in the summer but dry in the winter Made from Sun dried mud with branches sticking out. The branches aid in the finishing of the buildings after the rains. Work Cited:
http://ancientafricah.wikispace.com/file/view/ancient_mali.gif/30343372/ancient_mali.gif The Niger River provides water for farming, bathing, and for doing laundry.
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