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Dubstep: From Garage Music to Worldwide

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Pedro Quirino

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Dubstep: From Garage Music to Worldwide

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli From Garage Music to Worldwide Dubstep: Scientists produced computers in the 50’s, but it took hours to produce music, because technology was so complex

Music was easier to make with the VCS3, which was produced in 1969, and even an average musician could make music

Easily used by experimental musicians, and used in many disco and pop albums of the time. Very popular

Pink Floyd used the technology in album “Dark Side of the Moon”
1972, preview of what sound and music would be in the future

A simple sound could be made slowly, but with technology manipulated to be faster and have sound effects Origins of Electronic Music Chicago

Many African Americans and Latinos

Ever growing Gay and Lesbian right movement

Night clubs combined all of these aspects and started to open

Disco and Dance music was a result of these clashes

Marshall Jefferson saw an opportunity to experiment something new

Along with Trax records, he also released the song “Move Your Body”

“Gay oriented music”

Follow rules:
Catchy and bright
Faster tempo made things seem more upbeat
Had to be able to dance with it Cities with first Influence “Dubstep's early roots are in the more experimental releases of UK garage producers, seeking to incorporate elements of drum and bass into the South London-based 2-step garage sound.” ("The Primer: Dubstep". The Wire (279). April 2011. ISSN 0952-0686.)( de Wilde, Gervase (14 October 2006). "Put a Bit of Dub in Your Step".The Daily Telegraph (London: Telegraph Media Group).) ( Pearsall (18 June 2005). "Interview: Plasticman". Riddim.ca. Retrieved 31 March 2011.) The things after are sources just in case..

Mostly instrumental with a limited amount of vocals

Usually has the element of sub-bass constantly throughout the track

Reggae influence

Has been mixed with techno, heavy metal, and some classical music as well.

Usually a very high BPM (beats per minute) 138-142

The term WUB comes from the extended bass note that has become one of the most popular characteristics of today’s dubstep

The term Dubstep supposedly came into use in Croydon London( Home of Big Apple Records store where house music, techno and dubstep were sold and evolved with the development of the new style of dubstep etc..) in 2002
club Forward (club that would run at the velvet room in soho but now is running in east london) was essential to the beginning and growth of dubstep music

Kode 9, Zed Bias, Oris Jay, Skream, Benga and more Dj’s would make appearances at this club and were some of the earliest artists

“At the end of 2003, running independently from the pioneering FWD night, an event called Filthy Dub, co promoted by Plastician, and partner David Carlisle started happening regularly.” Beginnings of Dubstep Dubstep was the typical underground music in a small part of London that became the rage in the early 2000’s. As it grew in the college scene in 2006-present it became much more popular in small slubs with the head DJ leading the party.

But with this popularity of course came sub-genre’s like Bro-Step which has revolutionized Dubstep. Skrillex, Rusko, Excision etc have turned dubstep into a style of music that everyone wants to hear by giving it an element of pop and cooperations with popular artists from different music styles

People this day and age want to belong to the underground scene or to a smaller group that give them a sense of feeling unique. As the dubstep genre become larger the feeling of uniqueness is lost. It is actually more unique to be a fan or normal dubstep than it is to be a fan of brostep these days. IF you have ever been to a dubstep concert then you would notice some of the common things...

Drugs- Many people that are into the whole dubstep scene usually like to take molly, ecstasy, alcohol etc...

Glow in the Dark object- Adding to the fact of the use of drugs, people like to wear glow in the dark bands or light up gloves that when properly used can create a trippy illusion that will only add to the sensation of rolling.. Dubstep Influence Today, to be successful, an artists has to adapt to the ever growing categories of electronic music

Artists such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears use this to sell records

Even “rock bands” such as Maroon 5 and Coldplay use Electronic music to sell albums

Electronic Music is even used in movies, because of the rhythm

Anyone with simple computers can create and recreate electronic music through simple and more complex softwares and programs

Even those with little or no musical talent, can sell hits with a simple click Influence on Music today “The New Rock”

Rumors that Justin Bieber would be using Dubstep have showed up in the media, and many fans approved as if they knew what it was

Artists from Katy Perry to Korn use dubstep, and the Producer Skrillex, was the first disk jockey ever to get the Best New Artist Grammy, among the other five he was competing for.

“‘It's just so big now it's not even dubstep. It's dance,’ said Dan Stephens, one of two disc jockeys that comprise Nero, a London-based dubstep act that has played multiple shows in New York in the last few months.”

“But Mr. Stephens is wary of artists like Mr. Bieber co-opting his signature product. ‘There are a lot of people who want to jump on this kind of sound. That worries me a little bit. If people just want to jump on the back of this, it might not be so good.’”

“For now, Nero and others are enjoying their time in the spotlight. ‘It's almost the new rock,’ Mr. Stephens said. ‘We sort of feel like rockstars now.’”

“And at the 2011 MTV Music Awards, he walked away with the award for Best New EDM Artist as a result of his popularity under the stage name Skrillex.

Upon hearing of this award, many in the EDM community were outraged. Why? Because many members of this subculture viewed him as an outsider who solidified dubstep as pop music played on radio and television stations, making the subculture open and accessible to most everyone.” Dubstep in Music and Commercials Information from: The Beginning of Electronic Music - Documentary Information and Images: The Beginning of Electronic Music - Documentary Detroit

Artists were inspired by the music revolution in Chicago, and were in search of their own musical voice

Mid eighties, this city was considered a wasteland, and the rich had left and only the impoverished remained

This sense of emptiness caused many artists to turn to techno

These artists became the foundation of techno Song: Move Your Body
By: Marshall Jefferson Information and Images: The Beginning of Electronic Music - Documentary Types of Dubstep Brostep- An americanized version of dubstep that sounds much louder and “filthier” than original dubstep. Fans of original dubstep aren’t real fans because it takes away attention from its origins in London.
Glitchstep- Does not really represent a new style of Dubstep, instead it just represents a glitchier more chopped up sound
Chillstep- Basically self explanatory, Dubstep with less bass and a slower BPM usualy with a female vocal. Information from: Dubstep as the New Rock, by Jen Wieczner
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