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Athena Presentation

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Alana Young

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Athena Presentation

A Greek Goddess
Athena is the goddess of crafts, domestic arts, and the goddess of war.

The goddess Athena did not have a husband and had no children.

Athena had a great birth because she wasn't born normally she came out of her fathers head.
Basic Story Of Athena
Legend has it that the goddess Athena was born fully grown and suited in amour and she can out of her fathers head, Zeus. The reason why she came out of her fathers head was because Zeus swallowed her mother Metis. Or so they say because some believe Athena didn't have a mother. You may think now how does Metis being swallowed have anything to do with Athena coming out of her fathers head? Well it does because Zeus swallowed Metis when Metis was pregnant with Athena.
Athena's strengths and weaknesses
Athena had a lot of strengths and a lot of weaknesses. Some of her strengths were that she was very smart and she is very powerful when it comes to war. She is also a good peacemaker which is weird because she is also connected to war. Athena's weaknesses were that she didn't show any emotion around anyone and especially around men.
Video About Athena
Inventions Athena made!

the pot
Athena's Clothing
Athena wore a fringed cloak and sometimes decorated with Gorgon's head. She also wore a helmet and held a spear in here hand. Also a shield in the opposite hand of the spear.
Yoke: A wooden frame for harnessing two draft animals to whatever they had to pull.

Bridle: Something that acts as a control or restraint.
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