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Child Care

No description

Danielle Balinski

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Child Care

Child Care
Meeting Children's Basic Needs
- Food
- Sleep
- Health Care:
Immunizations & Vaccines

Keeping a Child Safe: Basic Rules
1) Keep small objects and plastic away from babies. These can cause chocking

2) Never leave a baby alone on a raised surface they may fall

3) Choose age appropriate toys, for safety reasons (lego)

4) Make sure baby's crib and other equipment meet current safety standards
Basic Needs and Safety
Childproofing the Home
Lets go through the steps together on pg: 477
Meeting Children's Basic Needs
: anyone who takes care of a child

: Process of caring for children and helping them grow

Before We start:

Vocab- define all vocab from the chapter
Preventing Abuse
Shaken Baby Syndrome:
How can we prevent these potentially abusive situations
Dealing with Emergencies
Providing First Aid
- emergency care or treatment given right away to an injured person
Emergency Procedures (chocking):
1) Stand or kneel behind the victim, wrap arms around his or her waist

2) Make fist with one of your has, and grasp it with your other hand

3) Pull your hands into the victim's abdomen, with a quick upward thrust

4) Continue to repeat the abdominal thrusts until the object is dislodged
Choosing Child Care Services
In-Home Care
Family Child Care
Child Care Centers
Before and After School Care
Complete 24.1 Review Key Concepts: 1-4
24. 2
Positive Guidance and Nurturing
Nurturing Children
Guide Behavior:
Promote Good Behavior
Set Limits
Handling Misbehavior
Redirect Behavior
Give Reminders
Remove the child from the situation
Make punishment appropriate
Enforce consequences
Learning Through Play
Let's Play Simon Says!
Go through how games help children develop in different ways (pg. 486)
Types of Play:
Quiet Play
Active Play
Free Play (creative)
Promote Play that is Age Appropriate!
Provide Opportunities
for Play
Make everything a learning experience
Going to the grocery store
Going to the bank

Electronic Play
Balance electronics with active activities
Choose appropriate programs and games
Keep electronics where they can be seen by an adult
Monitor children's computer activities
Watch television programs with child
Teach children not to give out personal information online
Dear current or future child
Write a letter to a current or future child of how you will be a great parent to them.
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