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All About Me

No description

sara liana

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of All About Me

A Letter To Myself
Factors and Exponents
Terry Fox
How to make a bread pizza
Math: Fractions
Transition Words
Hi I am Saliana Saeed, and I am going to tell you all about me! I am 12 years old and I am in grade 7. I have an amazing, pretty,passionate, and inspirational teacher named Ms.Singh. I was born on June 17Th, 2002. I have a lot of school spirit and I take a lot of leadership. As I was part of a no-bullying/2 day camp, to be a leader for stopping bullying. I was picked by my teacher and have been a leader many times in my previous years. If I were to tell you my hidden talent, technically I am not amazing at anything, but it would be dance and writing. I am passionate for writing and I love DANCE! I live with my mom and dad, and my annoying to older brothers.I also have a sister-in-law who is yet to come to Canada. My oldest brother is 15 years older than me, and my other brother is 13 years older than me.I love to play all sports and, my favourite food to eat is pizza. My favourite number is 12. My best friends are Brandi, Sidra, and Aliyah. Until now I have been to 4 schools, and it has been a hard journey with making new friends. Now yet again, I will be heading to a new school. I am nervous, but excited! Now I know, I probably bored you out so let's head to the next slide!
All About Me
Bread Pizza is an easy and fool-proof recipe, and a cheat to the real pizza with the dough. Our goal is to make a tasty and successful Bread Pizza. To start with, make sure you’re prepared to make the pizza, such as: keep the veggies cleaned and cut, clean your hands, take out your materials, etc. You will need; an oven; Wonder Bread; toppings(optional) ; Compliment’s pizza sauce; oven mittens; knife; butter sheet; spoon; baking pan; scissors; grater; can opener; spatula; plate; Compliment’s mozzarella cheese. To begin with, carefully preheat your oven on 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, take your baking tray and take your butter sheet, and spread it from one side to the other, and after, carefully taking your scissors cut the butter sheet in a straight line. After, take your bread and unwrap it with your hands and, take one out at a time, laying it on the baking pan. Furthermore, take your Compliment’s pizza sauce, and take your can opener and with your hands; put the can opener on the can and give it a twist in a circular motion, opening the can. Not long after, take your spoon and your pizza sauce, take about 3 tablespoons of pizza sauce and spread it with the spoon in a circular motion; one bread at a time. Afterward take your mozzarella cheese and scissors; cut the wrapping open with the scissors; and take the cheese and the grater; now, you may grate the cheese with the grater. After all, take the grated cheese and spread it around your bread in a circular motion; one bread at a time. Soon, if you have any toppings such as veggies, now, take the veggies which should have been washed and, in a circular motion drop them on top of the bread, one bread at a time. Finally, taking your oven mittens and putting them on both of your hands ; then take your baking pan from the counter top and open your oven; carefully placing the pan on the second rack, and close the oven door back. After, 15-25 minutes put on your gloves and open the oven door and take the pan out, and close the oven door after taking it out. Last but not least, wait for 2 minutes for it to cool, and then take your spatula and plate; gently, put the spatula underneath the bread and pull it upwards and on to the plate; one bread at a time. Hope you were successful! Enjoy!
Photo Gallery

Dear Future Me,

I am now officially in grade 7!! Yeahhhh!! Hooray!! I am in Great Lakes Public School for now, but I will be moving in November. I am going to tell you all about me!! From my likes to dislikes to my strengths and weaknesses. Let’s do this!

To begin with, as far as I have been in grade 7, it’s been great!! I really like when we do interesting facts and word of the day. I like my class and my teacher, Ms.Singh is really nice and very pretty. I dislike how I don’t have any of my best friends Brandi and Sidra from last year in my class. I really wanted them in my class since I am moving from Great Lakes in 2 months. Which means I probably won’t see them at school anymore or be able to meet them very much.

First of all, I will tell you about my favourite subject and least favourite subject this year. I love cooking so my favourite subject that isn’t very academic though, would be cooking. I cook a lot of different things and I cook for myself a lot at home. Now for my least favourite subject, and that would be history. I hate history because I don’t like learning about the past, and it can get really boring. Most of the time I get through in school because, I try to think of learning as feeding my brain.

Furthermore, I am very scared for grade 7 because, it’s going to get tougher. I am really not bad at any subjects but, I know subjects like math will start to get much harder. I sometimes don’t understand the concept or method in math. Though, I am really good at science and art, and in my previous years I have gotten really good marks in both of these subjects. This is why I have goals to get better in subjects I am not quite there yet in. My goal for getting better in math is practicing on the internet, we are so fortunate to have a program like Ixl to help us get better in math. I will practice 30 minutes each day on Ixl. Also, I have a goal for reading, I want to read each night for 30 minutes before going to bed. Last but not least, my last goal is to not procrastinate. As you can see I have much to achieve.

Finally, I want to achieve my goals and learn a lot of new things this year. I have a plan of how I want to achieve my goals. I am going to set reminders for myself, everywhere. For my goal of my math I can set a reminder on my tablet and for reading I can set one on my night table. To not procrastinate I will make sure to finish my homework right after coming back from school. Moreover, I have a lot to learn this year, like how I have pathways (cooking/sci-tech) which is something new I will be doing this year. I really want to learn how to cook diverse foods, and in sci-tech I will be learn how to make different things out of wood. Isn’t that exciting! I am really excited to do pathways because, I didn’t have this opportunity last year and, Great Lakes is 1 of only 5 schools who does pathways! Now sure enough I will have a great year and since I have a plan, it will be easier to achieve success.

To conclude, as you can see I am very excited for this year! I have more opportunities this year than last year. I can join all sports teams and all clubs! It’s going to be so much fun! I am going to be really busy with morning and after school clubs, intramural, more clubs, and teams! Also this year sci-tech and cooking will be a fun experience. Unfortunately since I am moving I will only get 2 months of all of these opportunities, but I hope my new school has just the same kind of opportunities as Great Lakes has. I hope to have an amazing year no matter where I am!

Saliana Saeed

Ariana Grande
Calvin Harris
Nicki Minaj
Selena Gomez
My brother and my awesome sister-in-law, who is an awesome singer and a DENTIST.
This is my oldest brother, posing. Typical model!
6 to the power of 3 is 216. They're are 2 ways to represent exponents such as, standard form, and expanded form,
In this picture the factors of 24 are listed. The factors are 1,2,3,6,12.
This picture explains the parts of a power. Such as base,exponent, and power.
Using transition words is a great way to enhance your writing and make it better. They make your writing sound more professional and makes it go much smoother. You can also use transition words to join sentences together. You can use transition words in many ways and many different ones, all you have to do is be creative.
Terry Fox was an inspiration to everyone globally. Many years have past but, his legendary honor still lives. He had a goal to run all around Canada to raise money for cancer research. Imagine how hard it was to run with an amputated leg, frightening.He has inspired people to raise money for cancer research, as well as debate the fact that we can't make a change. He ran the Marathon Of Hope , hoping to raise lots of money for cancer research. He always said that if each of us could just donate 1$ to help cancer research, it would make a big difference. Think!! In this world live 3 BILLION people and if each of us don't 1$, that equals 3 billion dollars. Now that's fascinating! He has inspired all of us to make change happen and given us spirit,courage, and power to make it happen. He ran with difficulty because he had an amputated leg but, he had the courage and the power to keep going. Unfortunately, because of severe circumstances Terry stopped running when he reached Thunder Bay. His journey ended and now we have to take that same courage and power and complete that journey for him. He thought us a lesson that we should never forget and that is...NEVER GIVE UP!
My MommaBear
My Digital Portfolio
Pictures from my Brother's Engagement
So far so GOOD!!
Dance is something that brings different people from different places come together as one. As some of you know Happy Feet, the movie. Different cultures have different dancing styles, and I can't even name them all because, there are so many! In class we are learning about Hip-Hop. That's my favourite kind of dance style.Elements of Hip-Hop are: rhythm, timing, space, energy, and relationship. Hip-Hop was started late in the 60 's of the 20Th century. It was originated in New York among African Americans.The name Hip-Hop came from DJ Koal Herc. Now you know a little bit about Hip-Hop.
Dj Koal Herc
My 4Th Birthday!
My Brother
and my
Last Day of School, Grade 6!
Avneet's Birthday
Last Day of Grade 6 Pic!
Last Day of Grade 6
Last Year's Teacher, Ms.Humanski.
Reunite with a friend that moved last year!
sleepover with my best friend!
Reunite with friends!
Halloween Last Year!
Multiplying Fractions
Adding Fractions
Subtracting Fractions
Geography: Latitude and longitude
In Geography we are learning about Latitude and Longitude. We learned about how Latitude goes North to South, and Longitude goes East to West. The middle line for Latitude is the Equator and for Longitude it's Prime Meridian. Also, we learn this in a part of the topic Patterns In Physical Geography.
ABiotic and biotic
In Science we learned about Abiotic and Biotic factors. We learned that Abiotic means that it's a non-living factor. Biotic factor is a living factor. In this unit we learned about Eco-Systems and what kind of components live in them such as Abiotic or Biotic. For example, in a Rainforest the Biotic components would be a Cheetah, and Abiotic would be rocks.
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