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Bucket List Presentation

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Lizbeth Sanchez

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Bucket List Presentation

Lizbeth's Bucket List Presentation
Bucket List #1: Going to the Park
Bucket List #2: Spend Time Playing Wii with my Sister
Bucket List #3: Hanging out with Friends outside of school
My Bucket List
1. Go to the Park with Valeria
2. Go to Texas or Denver to Visit my Siblings
3. Spend Time playing Wii with my Sister
4. Go Skydiving
5. Go to the Bahamas
6. Hangout with Friends Outside of School
One of my bucket list items was going to the park with Valeria. Since Valeria is a close friend of mine, I felt like I should spend time with her more. She has been there for me in advisory when I have no one to talk to face to face. I felt like I should have gone hung out with her and spend time outside of school with her. I want Valeria to know that I actually care about her, and am willing to spend time out of my day to hear her problems and just listen. Sometimes people just need someone to be there to listen so i decided to listen because i believe everyone needs someone to listen. I wanted to go to the park with valeria as a bucket list item because i felt like i wasn't talking to valeria as much anymore. I needed to do this to myself to prove to myself i am a good friend to people that actually care. People could relate to this because everyone needs that one person that they are close to, to listen.
The End!
My second bucket list accomplishment was spending time playing wii with my little sister. I don't ever just take time out of my day to play anything with my sister unless we go to the park. So I decided to play wii with her if i were to die in the next week. Every time i spend time with her she enjoys it because she knows I'm not able to play for a while. I needed to spend more time with her because she is my sister and i need to make sure she knows she is appreciated very much for everything that she does for me. People should appreciate their families more than anything else before they die because without them you would be no where in life, because at one part you needed their help on something. without your parents and siblings you would be a completely different person.
last but not least my last accomplished bucket list was to hang out with friends outside of school. All of my friends we hang out at school and i talk to them as well, but sometimes we need to meet up another day other than a school day and just hang out. On Sunday my closest friends Britney, Alexa, Brianna, and Valeria got to hang out at Britney's house and just enjoy each others presence. My friends mean so much to me i cant even explain it. They are always there when i need them and if we need to tell someone something it's always us as a group. Also, when one of us are having a bad day or week or month we, as a group, are going to be there for each other no matter what happens. I felt like we needed to spend time together outside of school because sometimes you just need break of school and the school atmosphere. The world needs to hang out with their friends more to show that you appreciate them and you are there in case if they ever need you.
Thank you to my Friends for entertaining me along the way :)
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